My LVL eyelash treatment with Nouveau Lashes!


I am so excited to tell you about a treatment I have had done to my lashes recently. I am part of the Nouveau Lashes #lashgang and was lucky enough to have their LVL enhance treatment done. If you don't know much about LVL it is a natural way of lifting your lashes without having extensions or falsies, and it is fab! The results speak for themselves - just have a look! 
Left: Before treatment  Right: After treatment
Above: Before treatment    Below: After treatment

The process usually takes about 45 minutes and for the most part you just lay back and relax, even fall asleep if you like. The process is pretty straightforward. Your lashes are cleansed and then a shield is applied to the eyelid. You have an option of three different moulds depending on your eyelashes and the effect you want. Your eyelashes are then pulled back onto the shield and separated. Next two different types of solution are applied and the final process is the tint. Conditioning serum is then applied to hydrate the lashes and they are finally combed, and et voila! You get the false look effect, without the hassle of applying false lashes, having extensions or even having to apply mascara!

The treatment lasts from 6 - 8 weeks depending on where in your lash cycle you are, and the cost of the treatment is £45, however this may vary depending on the salon.

I feel overall my eyelashes look thicker, longer and the treatment has lifted my eyes giving me a fresher look. I had my treatment done at Your Beautique in Yardley, Birmingham. It had a lovely chic yet vintage feel to it and I will definitely be going back for other treatments! They also have a training academy so if you are interested in LVL training be sure to look them up at

What do you think of the treatment? Are you tempted to have it done? I think I have been converted! I would love to hear your comments as always.

Amina xx

Disclaimer: I am part of the Nouveau Lashes #lashgang and this treatment was complimentary.
However, all opinions are my own.

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