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Hi Guys,

Just to set the scene, I am currently sat here typing this with a face mask on that smells divine. I'm feeling very refreshed, as I was lucky enough to be sent the Little Bit Lavish box this month. You may have read my previous posts featuring it titled Which subscription box? or The Blogger Tiki party where I was first introduced to the box. The Little Bit Lavish box (£20 per month) is a relatively new subscription box which has been created for those of us who love to discover new brands and, as the name suggests, love a bit of luxury in our lives. If you have read my previous posts you will know I have a passion for this box and this month's definitely didn't disappoint!

The theme for this month was 'Wakey Wakey' and was exactly what I needed what with the dark mornings and early sunsets. Oh and add to that a one year old who just loves to come into mummy's bed mid way through the night.  So anything to help me wake up in the morning was going to be welcomed!

In this month's box you get exactly what you need to start you day perfectly. Firstly it includes a Skin & Tonic London 'Gentle Scrub'. This is a beautiful powder that can be mixed with water for a daily scrub or mixed with honey to be used as a mask (what I'm currently wearing). It has a beautiful scent which is largely due to the rosehip powder that is included. It is preservative and cruelty free and feels great on my face. Wondering what to mix the powder in? Don't worry the box has it covered, as another one of the products is a tiny hand made dish by Megan Louise ceramics, the perfect size to mix your mask in!

Another thing I was pleased to see in the box was a Miss Patisserie 'Shower Steamer'. We don't all have time for a lovely soak in the morning so the steamer is perfect for those of us who are in a rush. Just break it in half and place it in the shower and the aromatherapy oils will do all the hard work. The smell of the spearmint and peppermint hit me when I first opened the box and definitely woke me up in the shower.

One of my favourite picks from the box is the Balm Balm 'Rose Geranium Face Balm'. This is a multi tasking balm that can be used anywhere. When you first squeeze it out it feels slightly grainy but once rubbed in the warmth turns it into an oil which is highly moisturising. I have particularly been enjoying using this on my lips and dry knuckles in this cold weather!

Another fantastic product is the Evolve Organic Beauty, 'Citrus Blend Aromatic Wash'. This smells exactly how it sounds. Citrusy, zingy and fresh. Just what you need to start your day with a bang. It is meant for body and hands and is actually the perfect size to carry in your handbag, which is exactly what I have been doing. It's so annoying when you're in a public place and there is no soap! So this is perfect for those exact moments.

The final treat is a hand made Stoats 'Raspberry and Honey Porridge Oat Bar'. This was so yummy! Definitely going to be buying these in future for a mid morning snack!

I have to say my favourites this month were definitely the Skin and Tonic Scrub and the Balm Balm Multi Purpose Balm. It's a great box, for fantastic value. Have you tried Little Bit Lavish yet? Will you be subscribing? To tempt you even further, they are offering any first time buyers 10% off with the code: LAVISHFIRST. But if you want this month's box hurry because I hear there are only a few left!

Amina xx

*Product was gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

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