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Hi Guys,

A few weeks ago the lovely blogger Safiyah from gave me an opportunity I couldn't miss out on! She asked if I would like to collaborate on a post and of course I said yes! So first things first, thank you to Safiyah for giving me the opportunity to do this post and sending me these goodies! If you haven't checked out her website be sure to head over and have a look. Her make-up looks are everything and as a fellow make-up artist she is very knowledgeable! You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @SafiyahTasneem. 

When I received this package I was so excited as I had seen this release all over social media and wanted it! For whatever reason I didn't end up purchasing it, probably because of finances. I'm an addict you know. A make-up addict that is and need to keep myself in check sometimes. Anyway, I was so over the moon I practically squealed. You get the gist.

I have been a fan of Kat Von D from her LA Ink days, but don't actually own anything from her make-up range, so couldn't wait to see if it was worth the hype! I own a few Too Faced liquid mattes, but have never used their eyeshadow, so was equally intrigued to try. 

Let's start with the palettes. The combined palette is based around the idea of love and how we are 'better together'. Each side of the heart is beautifully decorated, but in contrasting colours to make distinction between the two sides. They connect magnetically down the middle, thus making it easy to detach when travelling, for example. 

Top to Bottom: Por vida, Lovestruck, Swoon, Darling, Devotion, Yours

The stand out colour for me in the Kat Von D palette has to be 'Swoon' - it's so vibrant and not something you see everyday. All the eyeshadows in this side of the palette are very pigmented and quite creamy in texture which makes them super bendable. It surprised me that the eyeshadows in each palette were actually quite different in quality. I expected them to be the same, probably because it's one palette, but let me tell you, they were not!

Top to bottom: Lovely, Heart of gold, Better together, Power couple, Friendspiration, BFF

The colours in the Too Faced palette are very pretty and my favourite is 'Heart of Gold', a beautiful green metallic gold. However I found the eyeshadows themselves slightly more powdery, with less colour pay off. I'm not sure if this is because it's a different brand and formula or if it's the colours that are harder to work with. Either way I was definitely more drawn to the consistency of the Kat Von D shadows.

The great thing about this set is that you get two fabulous palettes and some cult favourites thrown in for good measure. I'm talking about the The Too Faced 'Better than Sex' Mascara and the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I found the mascara to be good for lengthening, but not so much for volume, which is a shame, as I had heard such good things about it. I wanted it to lift my lashes more. One thing I did really like about it, was the weight of the tube, as it felt so comfortable to hold and the shape of the wand is curved to fit your lashes perfectly. 

What blew me away was the waterproof Tattoo Liner. The liner itself is actually a brush - fine hairs that have been tapered to a point, meaning you can get the finest or thickest of lines. It gives you so much control, I was even able to sign my name with it! 

I couldn't finish without trying a quick make-up look and I ended up mostly using the Kat Von D side. I applied 'Yours' over the lid with 'Darling' over the top of it, in the centre of the eyelid. On top of 'Darling', I added a bit of glitter for extra sparkle. On the lower lash line I used 'Swoon' and added a black kohl to the waterline. I then applied the Tattoo Liner over my lid and Too Faced 'Better than Sex' Mascara on the lashes. I would definitely recommend this palette and what's great is you can get it on sale from Debenhams right now for £46.50, which is pretty good going as the mascara and liner are £19 and £14 on their own!

I hope you like the look! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Amina xx

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