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Hey Guys,

This week I am bringing to you Benefit's 'They're Real' Collection in collaboration with Debenham's Beauty. You all know how much I bang on about Benefit's eyebrow products. I use their 'Goof Proof' Brow pencil religiously and love their 'Ready, Set, Go' Clear Brow Gel to keep my brows in place all day. Just have a look back at any of my make-up look blog posts and you will see how I adore the brow pencil.

More recently, I have been using a few other products from their eye range. I am excited to share them with you, one, because they are great quality and long lasting but two, because they have been saving me a lot of time in the morning, which I am definitely in need of now I have the school run to add to my never ending list before work! 

First up we have an amazing set, The 'Big Lash Blow Out' (£20.50) which includes the famous 'They're Real!' Mascara as well as a handy travel size mini. I had heard so much about this mascara so couldn't wait to see if it lived up to the hype. And guess what... it did! The lift and curl it gave my lashes (see below) was exactly what my flat stubby lashes needed. And with two coats it's even better. I love the brush head on the mascara as it is not your typical brush. It is made from silicone bristles which vary in size. They also extend out from the tip of the brush so you can use it to get product on those hard to reach lashes.

I have been using the mascara together with the 'They're Real' Tinted Mascara Primer (£19.50) and it just gives your lashes the added drama they need. It is tinted a mink brown and adds a coating onto your eyelashes so the mascara applies smoothly. No one likes spider leg lashes! It can also be used on it's own to give your lashes a naturally more defined look.

Now for the time saver's that I mentioned earlier! Did you know Benefit do eyeshadows?! Not just any eyeshadow. This is an eyeshadow duo that requires no skill, technique, or blending. Yes please! It is literally effortless, while giving you a professional look. It's the 'They're Real' duo Eyeshadow Blender in 'Beyond Nude' (£19.50). This innovative compact comes with a sponge ball applicator which allows you to simply swish the ball back and forth in the product, and then repeat on your eye making sure the middle line is horizontal. I apply it so the darker shade applies in the crease and the lighter shade on the lid. The colours give a slight shimmer but nothing too dramatic and can literally save me five minutes of my morning routine.

This paired with the 'They're Real' Push-up Liner (£20) takes this look from day to evening. The push up liner, twists up, so no need for sharpening and is a gel-like formula which comes out of a silicone nib. The silicone nib is so soft that it can be pushed along the water line without it causing any irritation whatsoever (unlike normal wooden/plastic ones).  It can also be used above the lash line to create a feline flick. It's pigmented and pretty budge proof which is always a bonus!

The final product I am going to share with you is the 'They're Real' Lipstick and Liner in one (£16.50). And it is exactly that! No need for a separate liner, which usually takes me half an hour to find, before then searching for my lipstick! Benefit have combined the liner and lipstick into one to give you an all in one product that leaves you with luscious 'ombre effect' lips. The liner is slightly darker and lipstick lighter to give the illusion of fuller lips. The tear-drop shape of the lipstick gives    precise application of product.

Swatches left to right: 'They're Real' Lipstick and Liner in Lusty Rose, Push-up Liner, Duo Eyeshadow in Beyond Nude.

Overall I have been thrilled with the products and can happily add them to my growing collection of Benefit Products. Have you tried Benefit before? What products do you swear by?

Amina xx

*PR gift. All opinions are my own.

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