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Hey guys,

Recently I was sent a box full of skincare products from Dermalogica to try out. I was really excited as Dermalogica are a brand that I have heard of numerous times before. Their products are often recommended to me when I go for facials, yet I had never actually tried their skincare before. I had previously used their Climate Control Lip Treatment but that was about it. I think the reason I had never purchased before was because I always considered Dermalogica a brand to use for serious skin issues, which I never really had. By serious I mean things like acne or very oily skin etc. But actually Dermalogica cater to all skin types and issues, whether it's acne, ageing or general maintenance there is a product to suit everyone. My skin is normal sensitivity and combination, in that it is oily in the T-zone but can be quite dry else where. I occasionally get the odd spot here or there but luckily I have never had any issues. 

This is the fist time I have used dermalogica and I have been using the products for over a month now so thought I could talk to you about products that really stood out to me and give you a little introduction to some of my faves.

This is one of the products I really enjoy using. By precleanse it basically means it is the first step in your cleansing routine because we all double cleanse right? This is perfect for removing make-up, you simple rub into your dry skin and watch the make-up completely disappear. Simply wash off with water and there should be no traces of makeup left. I really like this, and if you haven't tried an oil  cleanser before you will love. I find it quite similar to DHC cleansing oil, I think I prefer DHC a little more as I find it's thicker in consistency so really removes makeup from the oily parts of my face. The precleanse may suit those who are a little less oily.

The next step for me is to use the special cleansing gel as my second cleanser to really remove the dirt under the skin's surface. This is soap free and you basically lather it up in your hands with water and then apply to your face. Next you simply rinse off and my face is left feeling squeaky clean. It literally has a squeak to it. And once you get this complete cleanse your skin never quite feels as clean without the squeak, so this is why I have continuously been going back to this. It is quite addictive.

Another fave of mine has been the Daily Microfoliant. This comes in powder form, you pour a little bit into wet hands, rub it together until a paste is formed and then rub into your skin. I have always been told to exfoliate maximum twice a week however because the exfoliant is so gentle it is suitable for everyday use. In particular my forehead has been of concern to me recently as I have really broken out and the exfoliant has really reduced my spot size. I'm not sure if my breakout is hormonal or even related to my hair products, but it is really starting to bug me. So I'm hoping continued use will help them to vanish!

Once I have cleansed I then Tone using my Pixi Glow Tonic, apply my Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye cream, and Murad Porcelain Skin Serum. I then apply the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. It is the nicest moisturiser I have used in a while. The reason I say this is because the consistency is just right for me, it is not too greasy but not too weightless. I like my moisturiser somewhere in between. Once applied my skin feels so supple and looks really healthy so I have been using this daily. The thing is that my skin feels moisturised from within and not just on the surface which many standard moisturisers do. It is full of antioxidants and vitamins which also help to shield the skin from environmental factors, so all in all it's a keeper.

The final step in my skin routine is usually some sort of SPF. I was sent the Skin Perfect Primer with SPF 30. In terms of a primer I think this is a good product, but honestly this is probably the product I have used the least as I prefer a higher SPF and this is the only reason. The primer is slightly peach tinted too which is great as it corrects some of my uneven skin tone. I really like the fact it comes with a tube slider so you can really get all the product out of the tube, it's a clever little gadget. However I absolutely love my Biore Watery Essence SPF50 and will probably stick to using that, as SPF is one product you do want to be weightless!

Out of all the products I will definitely be purchasing the Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant and Skin Smoothing Cream once I have run out, as they definitely leave my skin feeling cleaner than before. I can't wait to try more Dermalogica products! There is such a wide range and definitely something for everyone! What should I try next?

Amina xx

*PR Sample. All opinions are my own.

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