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Hi guys,

So it hasn't been long since I did a Pixi post however I did mention last time that I had never tried their make-up! So to my surprise I was actually sent a PR package from the lovely Pixi by Petra team, which included some of their new Eye Reflection Shadow Palettes* (£24) and a fantastic set of brushes*. I have been using them so much I decided to do a post on them. The palette contain a mix of metallic, shimmer, and matte shades so there is definitely something for everyone.

Natural Beauty Palette

Reflex Light Palette
I have been using them for the last few weeks for a few birthday celebrations but also at work. The palettes are so versatile, there are definitely a good mix of colours that can be toned down or glammed up depending on the occasion. There are two palettes one more warm toned , Reflex Light and one cool toned, Natural Beauty. These aren't necessarily the first palette I would think of buying when I look for new makeup, however having the chance to try them, this has totally changed my mind. The metallic colours in particular are so shiny and creamy and leave fantastic pigment on the eye when applied. I found the matte shades did feel less pigmented however I didn't mind this as it made it easier for me to blend.

Natural Beauty Swatches

Reflex Light Swatches
These are fast becoming my go to palette just because of the range of colours and range of neutral shades that will suit most skin tones. In particular I was really impressed by the brushes, especially the large blending brush (E02) as I just found it so fluffy making it very easy to blend. The three brushes actually are all you need to create a eye look. The E01 being great for patting the colour onto the lid and the E03 creating depth in the crease. I used only these brushes to create my makeup look below.

Left to Right: E02, E03, E01
To be honest I love the skincare so much I'm not surprised I love the eyeshadow as much as I do. Metal Mauve from the Natural Beauty palette in the middle of the top row has to be one of my favourite colours. And I used this to create a soft spotlight eyeshadow look. The reason I think these palettes are worth the money is I can see myself using them all the time and not just for special occasions. Trying these has really got me excited about Pixi make-up and I will definitely be trying out more!

Have you tried Pixi make-up before? 

Amina xx

*Press samples. All opinions are my own.

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