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Hi Guys,

I thought this week I would bring you a little update on some of the curly hair products I have been using recently. I got my first curly hair cut and colour from the lovely Matt and Rosie at Spring is in the Hair salon, the UK's first dedicated curly hair salon which happens to be in my hometown of Birmingham. It was quit the experience as I have never had my curls cut dry before, but so nice to be in a salon full of curly haired people! Matt literally goes through your hair practically curl by curl until you achieve a shape that suits you. And I think by far what I am most happiest with is the colour. I wanted subtle highlights and Rosie nailed it. While I was there I was recommended the Trepadora Papaya Slip Taming Potion (£18). It is actually a life changing product for me when it comes to my curls. It literally holds every curl in place and can be left to air dry or diffuse, although I find the results better when diffusing. You are left with quite tight, rigid and crispy curls however you literally scrunch it out and your curls turn into these soft ringlets. It is just lovely so I am excited to continue using it!

I was also recently gifted Palmer's new Natural Fusions Range* which consists of the Rose Water Cleanser*, Lavender Rose Water Conditioner*, Mallow Root Leave-in Conditioner*, Ceramide Monoi Hair Food Oil* (All £7.99) and the Chia seed and Argan Oil Hair Mask* (£2.99). This really appealed to me as recently I have been going on a natural hair journey. I have previously raved about Palmer's Coconut Oil Range* and the difference it made to my hair so I had high expectations for the Natural Fusions Range. First things first the Palmer's range is curly hair friendly as it is vegan, doesn't contain any sulphates, or parabens which can build up on curly hair and really dry them out, and is formulated with 95% natural ingredients. My hair is very dry and so is my scalp. I also recently added a few highlights into my hair so I was intrigued to see if the products would keep my hair hydrated. 

I have been pleasantly surprised by all the products. I would say the shampoo and conditioner are quite gentle , they don't lather up so you always feel unsure if your hair will feel clean when products don't lather, but I can definitely say my hair was clean after using them, I guess the point of it being so gentle is so the natural oil is not stripped from the hair. I often see Rose used in skincare for hydration so it makes sense to also use it in hair products. As you can imagine the scent is stunning. The Mallow Root Leave-in Conditioner is particularly good for detangling and just seems to hold my curls in place, leaving them with a lovely shine. Naturally, when colouring your hair you have to take extra care to keep it nourished and this is where the Ceramide Monoi Hair food oil and Chia seed and Argan oil hair mask have come in.

When my hair is really feeling dry I apply the hair oil to my scalp and my hair generally tends to soak it all up, however for an extra burst of shine I will completely douse the hair in the oil a few hours before washing and my hair is left super soft and shiny when washed. If you want to go the extra mile you could even apply the oil over night. The oil is great for protecting the hair as Ceramides are actually responsible for strengthening the hair, which I need as the coloured parts can become quite brittle, and the Monoi creates a protective layer over the hair for extra protection.

The mask is something I use monthly as it is a very rich treatment but honestly leaves your curls so bouncy and light weight.  Again it can be left in the hair from as little as 15 minutes to over night if you want that extra nourishment. I am in love with this range, it is so affordable too, what's not to like? I tend to alternate using hair products and use the Natural Infusions range once a week with exception to the mask which I plan on using once a month. The importance of using natural products with curly hair has really been proven to me as for the past six months I have been trying to focus on getting my natural curl pattern back to what it should be. I can't wait to continue my curly hair journey with you all.

As always please let me know if you have any curly hair product recommendations for me to try, and for more curly hair recommendations check out my friend Nishi's post on Five New Discoveries for Curly Hair.

Amina xx

*PR Sample. All opinions are my own.

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