What To Pack For a Family Day out!


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Going out for a day trip with the family is always fun. Taking the kids to the beach, to the park, or for a day in the city can be great and a fun way to spend the day. If you are looking to plan some days out with your loved ones this summer, I have some items you need to pack before you head out and with the summer holidays right around the corner I thought now was the perfect time to list the essentials needed for a fun family day out! We can often get carried away with planning and having too much fun so I thought a list of those boring but necessary items would be helpful.  


Staying hydrated is incredibly important, and if you are to spend some time at the beach or on a hike this summer you need to pack plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated. Ensure the kids drink enough throughout the day, and this will keep everyone happy and healthy. A great way to store water is in water bottles dedicated to each person. This way you know how much liquid everyone is consuming.

Extra clothes 

It is very likely when you go for a full day out with the family that someone will need extra clothes. Whether you get caught out in the rain without coats, your child spills something on their top, or your child has a little accident - spare clothes are a lifesaver. Remember also to save space in your bag by rolling outfits up together to keep them compact! 

A towel 

A towel is essential if you have kids or dogs and you decide to go for a walk by a river or the beach. A towel will allow you to clean and dry your child or pet before they get back in the car, ensuring that you don’t end up with a wet dog smell on your way home! It's also helpful for any spillages that may occur.

A first aid kit 

One of the most useful things you can bring with you for a family day out is a handy first aid kit for babies and toddlers. A small first aid kit will include all of the things you need to quickly patch up and clean a cut while you are out and about. It is so helpful to have this with you at all times as it will give you peace of mind if any accidents were to happen and will keep the cut patched up temporarily before you can get home and look at it properly. 


I always pack snacks no matter where we are going. Sandwiches, rice cakes, biscuits and fruit are all of the things you’ll want in your bag for a family day out. If you will be in the countryside and not have access to restaurants or shops, sandwiches are a useful choice as they are easy to hold in your hands as you walk and perfect fo a picnic. Dry foods like biscuits are also a good choice as no risk of mess. Fruit is also a great option as it is healthy and sweet so the kids don't tend to complain. This will keep everyone full on their travels and will ensure that you get no hangry members of the family! 

Spare change 

If you are planning to head out to a small town or to the beach, you will likely come across pay and display car parks. Pay and display will likely cause you to need spare change, and it is crucial you keep plenty of this on hand in case the issue arises. I always take some cash to hand too in case card isn't readily accepted.


There isn’t much more important than protecting your child from the harsh rays of the sun. Be sure that you bring some suncream and a hat with you wherever you go so that you can protect your child’s skin from burning and becoming dry. If it's warm, remember the sunglasses and hats too.

Carrier Bags

I always take a number of disposable bags or waterproof bags that I don't mind getting dry. These can hold the rubbish or any items of clothing that might get dirty while we are out. I always find it useful to have a spare bag or two as there is always something that needs cleaning or throwing away.

These are just a few of the essentials you will need when planning a day trip. There's a whole host of other things I could list but the idea is to pack lightly so you don't have to carry anything too heavy around. So remember to pack your bag with these essential items and don't forget to enjoy your trip!

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