Keep Your Kids Active This Summer!


 As the summer holidays are fast approaching I thought a post on how to encourage children to be active would be perfect. What do you get when you put a human being and a couch together? A couch potato! Let's face it, we have all been there at some point. Kids are the same way; they want to be entertained by electronics all day long without any physical activity. Why? Because it is easy. But it's not healthy for them physically or mentally! Here are fantastic ways that will help your kids stay active in their free time.


Cut Screen Time

Turn off the TV, iPad , and phone. This is a great starting point as kids can become overly reliant of visual stimulation. By switching these off it will force your kids to find other ways of entertaining themselves.

Play Board Games

Board Games and puzzles have kept me and my kids busy for hours. You don't always have to buy them either. You could check out the library for new ones that you and your kids have never played before and loan them.. Board Games can be educational too, make sure to look at some of the reviews though first. Some board games are also great for your child's brain and helping with problem solving. There are so many benefits of board games, it also encourages family time and gives your children that sense of working together.

Go for Walks

Go on walks together as soon as the weather warms up, or even right now - they could use fresh air, and walking is so beneficial for your health. Don't let bad weather keep them inside, be prepared to go outside in all weather conditions by buying them some waterproofs and wellies!

Talk About Health

Talk about the importance of healthy snacks, You could also allow the children to pick and choose their own healthy snacks when you go shopping so they feel as though they have a choice. I always make sure there are healthy snacks at arms reach around the house. They need to know it is essential to not always reach for sweets, crisps or chocolate when they are hungry as there are many other tasty and healthy alternatives.

Workout Together

Create an exercise routine together as parents and children - it will be fun bonding time, plus any physical activity helps promote better sleep patterns. It doesn't have to be complicated; think of exercises done without equipment like jumping jacks or pushups, or even running around the house! A great little activity we love doing together is creating an assault course in the back garden using objects.

Check out local gyms or parks near you if you don't access at home. You will be surprised how much exercise you can do with simple objects around the home rather than investing in expensive equipment.

Cook Together

Start making dinner together, even if just once a week. Your children will learn what it takes to make healthy and delicious meals for the family while you're at it! They will also have a better understanding of what it takes to make a meal therefore appreciating the effort it take. Anytime my children have cooked with me they have always finished their plates!

Put Them in a Summer Sports Club

Putting your child in an environment where there are children their age will motivate and encourage them to do more activities. Sports clubs are fantastic as they introduce kids to a variety of sports and at different ability levels. It's a great way of introducing your child to new sports without having to invest in equipment yourself.

You want your child to get out of bad habits and into new ones when they can, so this is a great way to get them active while also being around friends and socialising.

The hardest part for some parents is cost and finding a good local one, which might mean spending time researching and looking through reviews online or even talking with someone you know who has experience with different places. It's well worth the time spent, though, since now you have another reason for choosing childcare and giving yourself some alone time.

Lead by example

Kids are great imitators, so if you're willing to be more of an example than a coach, they'll probably follow suit and get in on the action too. Have you noticed that if you take them with you for trips to your optician/ dentist/ or doctor they are usually quite relaxed when it comes to their turn. You might want to visit website to book an appointment to make sure they are ready for all the physical activity.

Turn Chores Into Playtime

This is a simple idea that won't cost any extra money but will make everyone feel better about doing housework together: turn off some music and put on those rubber gloves, and start scrubbing away. You could add a timer to turn it into more of a game of 'who can finish first?'.

Find a New Sport for You and Your Kids This Year:

Talk with friends or co-workers and find out what team sports are available in your area. Then, get creative by playing ball indoors or outdoors when it's cold or raining. Some of the best games include:


Give them a basketball goal and let them play with friends. Even if you're not the most athletic person, it's always fun to shoot some hoops around. It's something that so many people enjoy doing, and kids are no exception!

If you install a hoop in your garden you can use this as an opportunity for your child to get outside and do things they might not usually do at all times of the year; even when outdoor weather isn't perfect and inside options are limited, with it being in the back garden it is just too tempting.

A Sliding Board

Slides are something that you can use all year round because they're not dependent on the weather. They'll provide a good time and some exercise for your kids, too, whether you have one in their garden or local park. You don't even need to buy anything since many slides are available at parks and public spaces!

Tire Swing

A tire swing is another great idea, especially when it's up high enough, so your child needs to stand on tippy toes before swinging. This setup will give them an extra burst of energy from trying to get into position, which means more activity with every turn of the tire! It also provides a fun way for children who may be tired after playing out there with friends earlier this day. But of course you will need quite a strong tree or support for this.


Play Hopscotch with them. Kids love being competitive and will want to play again. It's something that is so easy to do as all you need is a stone and pavement.

Obstacle Course

Like I said earlier, make a fun obstacle course in your back garden by using logs, sticks, tires, tunnels made of old sheets, or blankets tied together - anything you can find around the house that's safe for children!

Just be sure not to use any poison ivy plants! Put on music while they run through it, so they're having even more fun. As soon as the sun starts to set you could then do something else instead, like how a sheet over the washing line and read stories under it with a torch.

I hope you find these helpful. Remember to make it fun! Mix up your activities with different sports or games each week - there's no need for them all to involve running around like crazy. A less structured approach can also encourage creativity among kids who may otherwise lose interest quickly when things don't go their way.

If you want your kids to be active, they must understand why. Teach them the importance of staying healthy and how exercise can help improve their mood and overall well-being. You may also need to encourage them when things get tough or face a challenge during an activity. When children are encouraged by parents and teachers from a young age, success in being active is more likely. The earlier the intervention, the better!

Amina xx

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