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amina walking with her children in the woods

We all want the best for our little ones. This is something that happens as soon as they enter the world. We want them to grow up happy and healthy - and to have the best lifestyle and opportunities available to them as possible. This is only natural. We tend to focus a lot of our energy on important things like providing them with a good, balanced and healthy diet, ensuring they get enough exercise, helping to enrol them into a good school and much more. But have you ever considered wider actions you can take to create a better world for them to grow up in? I'm talking about taking actions that improve the world as a whole - no matter how small those actions may be - you can really make an impact, especially if others begin to follow suit. As I am getting older I definitely becoming more conscious so want to share some ideas with you. Here are just a few areas you might want to take into consideration on this journey!

Be More Eco-Friendly

Chances are, you’ve seen a lot on the news, in the media and on social media about climate change. When it comes down to it, human activity is having a seriously detrimental effect on the planet as a whole and we’re going to have to change our actions to ensure we leave behind a safe and sustainable world for future generations. There are countless things you can do to achieve this, but here are a few that you might like to start implementing into your day to day life.

Reduce Your Plastic Usage

Plastic is a huge issue when it comes to the environment. For a while now, we’ve been well aware of just how damaging plastic can be for the environment. But most of us continue to use plastic regularly, including purchasing single use plastic items that are used once and then thrown away. Most of use plastic bags to carry our groceries or other shopping home from the store. Most of us buy food that is unnecessarily wrapped in plastic. Many of us use plastic straws to drink from when we buy takeaway meals or dine out in restaurants. The majority of the population have plastic toothbrushes. These are just a few examples of items that we will use and will eventually end up in landfill, lying taking up space and not biodegrading. So, start looking into some of the alternatives out there. Actively avoid plastic wherever you can. Nowadays, more and more eco friendly options are becoming available on the market. Supermarkets like Co-op are also starting to introduce plastic packet recycle schemes which you can easily make use of.

Buy Sustainable Goods

Nowadays, we buy all sorts of products, day in and day out, that simply aren’t sustainable. Meaning they are not considerate of the environment and future generations. Whether that’s because they contain plastic that doesn’t biodegrade, because their manufacturing process pollutes waterways, they require the excessive breeding of animals which results in excessive methane production or anything else. Whenever you buy anything, make sure to take the time to look for the most sustainable option. This could be anything from a reusable tote bag over a single use plastic bag to eco friendly bamboo towels, reusable nappies and so much more.

Generate Your Own Green Energy

A lot of us simply use the energy that our property was signed up to when we moved into it. Alternatively, some of us use price comparison sites to find the best deal and will largely choose what supplier based on price. This is fine if this is the option that works for you, but you should definitely look into using green energy suppliers who can provide you with a carbon neutral energy supply. Another option that many people don’t even consider is generating their own energy. This is an option that is more accessible now than ever and is truly one of the best ways to help the planet! The most popular option is to generate energy using solar panels and sunlight. By installing solar panels on your home, you can generate your own energy for day to day use and you won’t be producing much detrimental waste at all. The panels are most often fixed to your roof or another sunny location on your property. This will reduce your consumption of non-renewable sources of energy, such as fossil fuels, and you can even sell excess back to the national grid!

Cut Down on Meat

Few people associate meat consumption with climate change, but believe it or not, farming animals is actually one of the main contributors when it comes to global warming. So, you may want to reconsider eating meat on a regular basis. The problem with a lot of animal agriculture is that cows produce huge amounts of methane, huge amounts of transport are required to transport live and dead animals to and from different locations, a huge volume of water is always used in the production process and various other environmental issues occur within the process of farming animals. So, why not try reducing meat in your diet, going vegetarian or going vegan? This will be a lifestyle change that is best eased into, but eventually (as long as you eat a healthy and balanced plant-based diet) you will feel all the better for it and the planet will benefit too! I myself have moved away from drinking cow's milk and now drink oat milk. We as a family have also decided to reduce our meat consumption and are moving towards a vegetarian diet.

amina walking with her toddler in the woods

Fight for Rights

Another area you may want to focus on to create a better world for your children to grow up in is rights. Everyone should have rights and you should advocate for them. Nobody should be judged for factors such as their race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability or anything else inherent to an individual. The issue is that prejudice still presides in most societies and we’re going to have to fight for equality to ensure our children can grow up in a world that is free from it. There are a number of things that you can do to help with this.

  • Choose a Cause - it’s good to advocate for everyone and you should always treat people with respect and equally in your day to day life. But if you’re going to campaign for a cause, it’s a good idea to choose one that you can really dedicate your time and efforts to.There are countless causes out there, so do a little research and see which you want to support.

  • Campaign - many people campaign for causes. This could be anything as simple as sharing posts on social media that raise awareness or anything as invested as peacefully protesting, petitioning and more. Make sure to always campaign in a safe and peaceful way.

  • Charity - you can raise money for causes through charity efforts and charity work. Depending on how big the cause you’re supporting is, what you can do for the best impact will differ. Some people like to set themselves challenges and get sponsors. For example, running a marathon to raise money and awareness of a particular cause.

  • Read and Learn - causes are constantly changing as we read, learn and grow. So, always be open to new perspectives, new information and new takes. Just make sure that what you are reading is verified. This will help ensure you are making informed decisions from sound information and data.

As you can see, there are a fair few things that you can do to make the world a better place. You don’t have to do everything at once. Instead, implementing a few changes really can make all the difference. At the end of the day, even the smallest change that will make the world a better place for your little one to grow up in will be more than worth the time, effort or money you’ve invested in it. It is our responsibility to make a change for the better.

Amina xx

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