Can CBD ease anxiety?


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Cannabidiol or CBD is becoming a popular natural remedy and I have been hearing about it in relation to anxiety relief too. As a working mum, and parent in general I'm sure we can all relate to when things feel like they may be getting a little too much. This is where my first interest in CBD began as I was looking for something to help ease my anxiety, which was very much showing itself in a physiological sense. It is important to note here CBD is not psycho active and contains no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), therefore is not considered a drug in that sense. 

I have been using three different CBD oils over the past four months and can say I have noticed a difference in my anxiety when using CBD. CBD activates the CB1 receptor in the brain which is located in the Amygdala, when these receptors are blocked anxiety can increase, therefore taking CBD works to stop this. When my anxiety is very bad it shows itself in the form of over thinking and a physical sense of unease. My chest and breathing can be affected and overall I feel a sense of irregularity in my chest. My whole body also can feel a slight tingling sensation. When I have used a high strength CBD, such as the Amphora Peace CBD oil drops (6000mg), I have noticed an immediate effect. Within 10 to 15 minutes the physiological aspects of my anxiety begin to subside and in general I feel a calmness. As a beginner, it is probably not the best suggestion to go on to a strong CBD straight away. There are oils with a lesser strength which may be more suited to a beginner. 

Some oils, such as the Ohne 'Yours, hormonally' CBD drops (100MG) are more targeted towards pain relief. Personally I have not noticed CBD having an effect on my irritable mood or pain levels during my period. However maybe using it before your period starts as a preventative and keeping up the dose may be a better way of helping relieve symptoms rather than using it once the symptoms of pain etc have already started. Personally I found this specific oil to have less of an affect on me.

One thing I will say about CBD oils (Which are usually placed under the tongue and then swallowed after 30 seconds) is that they don't usually taste very nice. You can get flavoured versions , however these still have a under taste which I can only describe as a little bit bitter and spicy. They aren't pleasant, however there is an alternative. CBD soft gels encapsulate the oil in a digestible case. The Columbia Care soft gels (30MG per capsule) allow you to ingest CBD without the taste. However the downside to this is I don't feel as though the CBD works as fast, furthermore you have to take two capsules in order to reach the same strength of potentially one strong dropper of oil. In my personal experience the affects of the capsules are less that that of a strong oil, however with continued use (2 capsules a day for a week) I have felt my overall feeling of anxiety reduce. 

For me, the strongest CBD oil has had the most benefits, it may be the strongest but it is also the most expensive at £99. However I think it is worth the price as the results are almost instant. CBD doesn't solve my problems or stop my anxiety but it reduces the symptoms and side effects of the anxiety and this is why I will continue to take the Amphora Peace CBD Oil Drops. Have you tried CBD? What benefits do you receive from taking it?


*contains PR samples. All opinions are my own. 

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