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 We have all had a day where our hair looks amazing (usually when we have just walked straight out of the hairdressers. It has the perfect bounce, looks glossy and thick and it leaves you feeling like you can do anything. Hair is such an important part of being a woman. It allows us to express ourselves but also frames the face. For me, my hair is my identity and the power great hair gives me is immense, which is why I give it so much attention.

Often, the only time you can feel the power your hair gives you is when we are just stepping out of the salon (hairdressers we love you). However if you don't want to splash the cash on a blow dry every week, follow these tips to keep your tresses looking lush.

Amina with a salon blow dried hair

Wash regularly

There is a big difference between washing too much and washing the right amount. The harsh chemicals in some shampoos strip out the hair of its natural gloss and force us to use more products. 

Look for shampoos that aren’t packed with drying ingredients, and see if you can find the right balance for the number of wash-days your hair sees each week. I personally wash twice a week but because my hair type is dry I could easily wash once a week. The importance of shampooing is making sure your hair and scalp are actually clean as this will give your hair the best start. It's also worth using a good conditioner and masking at least once a fortnight.

Ditch the towel rub

If you are still scrubbing your hair dry with a towel you are likely doing more damage than you realise. When you are fresh out of the shower with wet, warm hair it is at its weakest. That aggressive towel rub is the fastest way to cause breakage and contribute to split ends. 

Instead invest in a microfibre towel, wrap your hair up for a short while and let it work its magic. If you don't want to invest in a towel then you can also use a old cotton t-shirt. This technique is particularly helpful if you have curly hair as it reduces frizz.

If you need your hair dry nice and fast, use your hairdryer but on low heat and don't forget to use a heat protection spray first! 

Target Your Hair loss

Hair loss can happen due to stress, changes in diet, and hormonal changes. It is very common for women to lose a lot of hair after giving birth and while breastfeeding.

From time to time, hair loss can become more and more severe. Since our hair can often be closely tied with how we present ourselves to the outside world, it can be beneficial to research hair thickening shampoos and conditioners. These act by lifting the hair at the root to give more of a fuller effect. There have also been specific ones which contain caffeine and encourage hair regrowth.

Another way to target hair loss is making sure your diet is biotin-rich, if this isn't possible there are hair vitamins that you could also use to help subsidise what you are missing out on.

Finally if all other options have been tried you could always get professional help, and look into hair transplants for women.

Be extra careful when styling hair that is prone to falling out too. Too much heat or vigorous brushing can encourage fall out and that's the last thin we want.

Amina with curly hair pouting

Heat styling on low

If you have the time to let your hair dry at a natural pace, then let it. Heated styling tools like straighteners, curling wands, and crimpers all have an impact on your hair. 

To create curls, it can be better to invest in an overnight curling noodle, which puts no pressure on the hair and leaves you with soft curls or try finger curling.

When you do use heat to style, make sure that you have a high-quality heat-protecting spray and you use your styling tool on the lowest heat possible. 

Invest in a silk pillow

Not only are silk or satin pillows perfect for reducing wrinkles, but they are great for reducing overnight breakages and knots in your hair as well as frizz. There is no tension on the hair as you toss and turn through the night and less friction is caused between your hair and the pillow. Cotton pillows are known for roughing up the hair cuticles - leaving you with a frizzy, knotty mess to deal with in the morning. This is such a small change but it can make a drastic difference!

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