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A big problem for ageing skin is it can often become lack lustre and dull. This is linked to the fact the skin produces less collagen and there is less cell turnover. The trick to glowing and bright skin is making sure you have amazing acids in your skincare that will help to keep your skin exfoliated. If you want your skin to glow and really have that wow factor then Temple Spa's Glow products containing Vitamin C are for you! 

Their products contain the perfect mix of ingredients to get your skin ready for the brighter weather. Get rid of all your dead skin cells that have gathered over the winter months and get your skin looking fresh for Spring with TempleSpa's Glow range. In this post I will talk about three key products which will transform your skin from dull to delightful in 3 steps. 

Step 1. Most Revealing Oxygen Skin Peel - This oxygenating bubble peel will leave your skin feeling brand new. Yo apply as a liquid but soon the oxygen work to form bubbles all over your face. If you hold still you can feel the bubbles popping. This product uses vitamin C as well as a cocktails of acids including Glycolic acid to really exfoliate beneath your skin. Leaving you with youthful , resurfaced, and refreshed skin. 

Step 2. Glowcolic resurfacing toner - Apply a few shirts to a cotton pad and wipe over the face. This magic liquid packs a punch and will work to nourish and balance your skin. It acts as a barrier to all those environmental stressors our skin has to deal with on a daily basis and will leave you with smooth, brighter skin with continued use.

Step 3. Let's Concentrate Serum - packed with concentrated ingredients such as Vitamin C, magnesium and anti oxidants, this serum will work to eliminate and blemishes and give your skin a completely even looking and brighter complexion. You skin will be left feeling youthful, radiant and rejuvenated. This one product will help to give your skin all the nourishment it needs to appear healthy and glowing.

Using all three products is sure to leave your skin glowing bright. Temple Spa currently have an amazing 'Glowing Skin Gift Set' worth £85 but currently £60 where you receive all three products as well as a lovely lip scrub and hairband. Glowing skin is only a few steps away. Enjoy!

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