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Happy New Year everyone!

A couple of months ago I posted that Kiko was opening in Birmingham and I have been there more than once let's just say! So for New Year's this year I rocked a smokey eye using Kiko's Double Dare eyeshadow and liner duo (£7.90) from their newest collection, 'Campus Idol'. I thought I would do a quick review and detail the look.

Firstly, I loved the packaging. It has an old school 'Preppy' feel to it. The duo itself is 2 in 1 making it ideal and compact. The more items you get into one product the better! I purchased it in two colours, '02 - Copper and Chocolate' and '06 - Steel and anthracite' which I am wearing. The eyeshadow stick applies quite smoothly and is creamy in texture and the eyeliner is similar. Because of its creamy texture, I expected it to crease on the eyelid or wear off on the crease during the night, however I was pleasantly surprised when it stayed put!

Campus Idol Packaging with Steel/Anthracite duo.

From top to bottom: Chocolate/copper duo
and Steel/Anthracite.
For the price, you are essentially getting two products, an eyeshadow and a liner which I think is fab! I would definitely recommend! I opted for a smokey look for New Year's and thought the Steel and Anthracite duo would do this perfectly as it has a slight sparkle to it.

I applied a black kohl liner over the lid firstly and blended out slightly with a blending brush. I then applied the Anthracite eyeshadow over the kohl straight from the duo. Next I blended a matte brown eyeshadow through the crease to bring out the colour on the lid. I used 'paper bag' from the Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 palette (£7.99). I then used the Steel liner over the lash line and blended this up with a detailer brush. Finally, I applied my falsies! And my eyes were done.

Using my Manizer sisters Luminizing palette by The Balm cosmetics (£21.60), I added 'Mary-Lou Manizer' highlight on my cheekbone and 'Cindy-Lou Manizer' on the cheek. My nude lip was also Kiko. It was the Temptress lip set in '01 - misty rose' (£7.60) . It's quite an easy look as the double dare duo does all the hard work. Below is the finished look.

What do you think? Do you like the look? Are you tempted to buy the duo? I would love to hear your comments.

Amina xx

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