To my girls, on their 1st birthday.


This post is dedicated to both my children on their 1st birthdays. Bubbles is two and a half and Choochi is about to turn one, which has brought about these mixed emotions all over again.

Happy 1st birthday! I am so proud to call you my baby! But that's just it. You are not a baby at all anymore. It sounds silly, as you are only one, but my how you've grown. From the first day I set eyes on you, I knew you were special. An angel even. A gift from God. And over this year, the miracles I have seen you perform still put a smile on my face. From your first tooth, to watching you crawl, you fill my heart with warmth. You do not even know how much joy you bring to our lives, but maybe that's the beauty of it.

No longer a baby, you grow in confidence everyday. Exploring, doing and being you. You are perfect, so please don't change. As you grow, I hope you feel secure, happy and know deep down that no matter what, you will always have me. I hope your life is blessed as you have blessed mine.

And now, even though I am bursting with happiness and pride, I feel a sadness too. Sad that soon I will no longer spend this time with you, sad that there will be a day where you no longer need me. But I can look back and know I've done my best. I look forward to what this next year brings. More milestones, and happiness, I know. I love you!

A short poem I wrote for you:


To my angels, I love you so.
How much? You will never know.
Through it all, good times and bad,
You're the greatest achievements I ever had.

On turning one, well done you did it!
Teething, sitting, crawling, I can't believe it!
Here's to the next year, I can't wait.
I'm sure you won't fail to surprise me, it's in your fate. 

Now to the future, proud I know I'll be.
Whatever you do, it's meant to be.
Never too far, I'll watch you grow,
To my angels, I love you so.

Lots of love, your Mummy XX

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