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Hi Guys,

I have noticed of late that facial oils and lip oils are starting to get quite popular. I already use a facial oil by Aldi, which you can read about in my Skincare post here. However, I was recently contacted by a brand called Queen of Oil who specialise in Argan Oil products - from lip balms to shampoos.

From left to right: Citrus, Coconut & Pure

If you don't already know, Argan Oil, which originates from the Argan tree, is an organic substance which is high in Vitamin E and fatty acids. It can be used as a moisturiser, is said to have anti-ageing properties, can tone skin and can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks. If used on hair, it gives the hair moisture and shine and when massaged into the scalp is said to promote hair growth! People also use it on their lips, cuticles and chapped feet. Basically, it has so many uses and benefits, we should probably be bathing in it!

We've all heard of Moroccan Oil, right? Well, guess what? A lot of their products contain Argan Oil, as well as a few added extras. The great thing about pure Argan Oil is that it's 100% vegan and organic. Because of this it can also be added to other products like body butters. It may not be widely used by people, but that's largely due to its price - a 100ml bottle can cost upwards of £30. However I like the fact that Queen of Oil sell a 10ml bottle for £7, so you can use this as a tester before deciding if it's worth investing in.

I was sent a few of the 10ml bottles by Queen of Oil and decided to use the Argan Oil on my unruly, curly, frizz-prone hair a few times and the result left me with soft, hydrated hair, which makes a change to the usual straw-like mane I am left with. I have also been applying it to the stretch marks across my belly that I have been blessed with after having two kids, and it honestly leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. The only down side, I would say, is the smell. It can only be explained as a nutty, warm type of smell (if a smell can be warm), but isn't to my taste. Luckily Queen of Oil also sell fragranced Argan Oil in cherry, coconut, and citrus scents. Coconut was definitely my favourite! I am tempted to buy the coconut Argan Oil and think it makes a nice change to what is offered on the High Street.
My unruly curls.

Arian Oil before being massaged into the skin.

Have you tried Argan oil before, or any other essential oil? What are your experiences of it? Leave your comments below!

Amina xx

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