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Hi everyone!

 I have been getting lovely comments about my skin recently and thought I would share my skincare secrets with you. First secret.... there is no secret! Haha. It's probably all that lovely vitamin D I got off holiday :oP. To be fair I am quite lucky, in that I have never really had problematic skin. I would class my skin as normal to dry, combination skin. So occasionally I can get a bit oily in my T- zone, but never too much.

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My skincare routine starts with me washing my face in the morning with water. That's right, just WATER, nothing else! This might be a shock to some and quite normal to others, but I prefer to just cleanse my face with water every morning and exfoliate twice a week.

Once I have done this I then apply my Lacura Renew, anti-wrinkle, daily face cream with Q10. Which is a whopping £3.49 from Aldi! Yes, you read right - Aldi! Lacura have award winning products and I can absolutely say I love this cream. It is just perfect for me, not too greasy and not too absorbent. It is just want I'm looking for. Plus the anti-wrinkle and SP15 are both a bonus. As I am getting older (27 now) I am buying more anti-wrinkle products. We age much quicker than we used to because of all the pollution in the air, so I advise you to start thinking about it much earlier. I have also recently purchased some anti-wrinkle products from Avon and once I have tested these out will be posting, so watch this space.

If I am going to be applying my everyday makeup, I then apply Olay anti-wrinkle firm and lift hydration primer (£9.99) I love this product because it has a 2-in-1 purpose. It hydrates your skin, as well as priming it ready for makeup, leaving your skin feeling soft. I then apply my makeup as usual.

Before I sleep I usually remove my makeup with a makeup cleanser and wash my face again. Once it is washed and dry, I then apply Lacura face treatment oil (£3.99) from Aldi. Now you might ask why do I need a facial oil if my skin is normal to dry. Well the fact is oily skin ages much slower than dry skin. Take my eldest sister, for example, she has oily skin and out of all four sisters she is always mistaken for being the youngest! So, any oil that nourishes the skin is good. I have also heard facial oils can be good for oily skin as the oil on top of oil can cause a counterbalance, but don't quote me on this. After using this product for two months I can definitely say I am hooked. I apply a few drops, warm it through my hands, and apply all over the face before I sleep. When I wake, my skin has absorbed the oil and my skin is left feeling youthful.

And that is it. Quite simple, but effective. Do you have any skincare secrets? Sharing is caring, as they say! I would love to hear any tips.

Amina xx

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