Thursday, 14 December 2017

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - Volume 3 Review

Hey Guys,

Recently I received the most unexpected gift I think I have ever received. You may have seen how much I wanted this palette as I mentioned it in my Beauty Wishlist Post, and here I am, the owner of the beautiful Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit (£69).

Let me start from the beginning. My best friends and I had met up to have a browse at the new Fenty collection at Harvey Nicks and to grab some food at The Mailbox. While we were browsing, the Hourglass palette caught my attention and I started telling my friend how amazing it was and how I had wanted it since it launched. I explained how I might put this on my Christmas wish list. Then out of nowhere my friend said she was going to buy it for herself! She said that she trusted my opinion and that it looked really pretty. This didn't strike me as unusual as my friend loves make-up just as much as me, so I shrieked with excitement. To be honest, I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little bit envious of her, but I couldn't justify the £69 price tag, as I was waiting for my mortgage application to go through at the time!

Anyway, we headed off to dinner and then towards the end of our little date we decided to get it out and have a closer look. While we were staring at it with wonder, my friend said ' I bought it for you, you know '. I was so confused, I must have mumbled 'Huh?' or something like that, and then my friend repeated that she bought it for me, as a way to say thank you for all my help over the past few months with her new business she is launching. I was, and still am baffled. I couldn't accept and wouldn't accept until she was ready to leave it lying there at which point... I accepted. I think this is probably the nicest real surprise I have ever had, I was so shocked, I think I wanted to cry. I was confused at how generous and lovely she could be to me for doing something that any friend in my eyes would have done. So this is the story that goes with this review and makes this palette that little bit more special for me. Thank You Sonia.

Now for the review. This palette has lived up to all the expectations I had placed on it. I hadn't read any reviews, I knew from the first time I saw it, I wanted it and had placed expectations on it myself.  Firstly with the price, it might seem expensive, however it is quite good value considering purchasing a power individually costs £40. In the palette you get 6 for £69, even though they are slightly smaller, it is still very much worth it. 

What I love about this palette is that it has every powder you need to get a complete look on your face.nFrom top to bottom, left to right, you have Diffused Light, which is a finishing powder. I use this under my eyes and on the T-Zone section, the areas that need an extra bit of setting and highlight, but it can be used all over the face. Then we have the Hypnotic Strobe Light, which can be used as a highlighter. I use this on the cheekbones, brow bone, down my nose and on my cupid's bow. The last shade on the top row is Dim Light, again meant to be used as a finishing power, however because it is slightly darker I use it more in the contours of my face like the hollow of my cheek. 

Swatches: (Top to bottom) Pure Effect, Surreal Halo, Luminous Bronze Light, Dim Light, Hypnotic Strobe Light, Diffused Light.

On the bottom row we have Luminous Bronze Light, a stunning bronzer which I use around the top of and across my forehead, over my nose and around the jawline. It can be used as a blush too. The final two colours are the Surreal Halo and Pure Effect. Both are intended to use as blushers, Surreal Halo a deeper plum colour and Pure Effect being a pretty pink. I tend to use Surreal Halo on the outside of the cheek and then dab Pure effect right on the apple of my cheeks. What I am left with is a radiant skin, emanating vibrance. The effect is stunning.

I love how versatile the palette is, you can layer colours together or wear on their own and still notice a difference in your makeup and skin. The palette can be worn from day to night with more or less colours being used to suit the occasion. The powders are long lasting and compliment one another so well. Honestly, it is my FAVOURITE beauty product of 2017. Have you tried any Hourglass products? What do you recommend I try next?

Amina xx

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Glossier first impressions!

Hey Guys,

A couple of months ago Glossier launched in the UK. I was so excited as I had heard so many good things about this brand and couldn't wait to get my hands on some of their products. Glossier originally launched in the US as an addition to the beauty website with skincare products that soon became cult favourites. So I decided to try some of these out for myself. I had really high hopes as the reviews had all been so complimentary. 

I decided to purchase the Phase 1 set (£35) which includes, Milk Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser, Balm Dotcom in a flavour of your choice. I picked the Birthday edition because... well, its packaging was holographic. I managed to get myself a 20% discount by using one of their rep's links. So if you plan on purchasing, I would suggest searching for one on Instagram. They are pretty easy to find.

So let's start with the Milk Cleansing Jelly. I honestly thought this was going to be the product I loved most. It is described as a conditioning make-up remover which is a bonus, because if my cleanser can easily remove make-up as well as cleanse my skin then I'm onto a winner. It contains Rose water and is said to smell great, but unfortunately I found the opposite. I literally don't know if it was a faulty batch but my cleanser had no smell. I thought it was purposefully odour less but this is one of the things I disliked most. I did like the gel consistency when applying onto the skin as it is quite soothing, however I find it almost impossible to remove. I have to splash my face with water more than 15 times to remove the gel consistency. Otherwise it just feels like it is constantly spreading around my face rather than being removed. Finally after splashing my face with water for 5 minutes I was still left with panda eyes from mascara residue. I was determined to carry on using this as I didn't want the product to go to waste however I am finding it hard.

Next up we have the Priming Moisturiser, again I have to say I'm not a fan. Containing Hyaluronic Acid and vitamins A, C and E I really expected to feel instant results with this one. But it wasn't so. I think it just felt like a standard moisturiser. But it didn't necessarily plump my skin, smooth it or prepare it for makeup. Instead I would say, it simply added a bit of hydration to it. Once again I didn't like the lack of scent.

Now what makes up for the other two products is the Balm DotCom! I was so happy that at least one of the products was great. It has been so conditioning for my chapped lips in this horrendous cold. I am addicted. The Birthday Scent is so sweet and lovely, I have to admit I have tasted it a few times! This particular balm is colourless, but has a subtle shimmer which is nice. What I really liked was that the balm was long lasting. I didn't find myself constantly reapplying, it continued to moisturise. By far this was the stand out product for me.

I think Glossier as a brand is fab. They are still new and still leaning and they value their customers opinions. This was proved so when I left feedback on the feedback email that was sent to me after purchasing. Because I explained how disappointed I was with two of the products they reimbursed me for both. I really appreciated this and it was totally unexpected and unnecessary, however Glossier obviously take customer satisfaction seriously. And honestly having a bad experience with the first two products hasn't put me off the brand, I think I may reinvest the refunded money into some of their other makeup items and more Balm Dotcom! Have you purchased before? What are your thoughts?

Amina xx

Thursday, 30 November 2017

A Bourjois Kissmass!

Hey Guys,

Recently I was sent the Bourjois Vox Box by Influenster. If you haven't heard of Influenster it's a fab app where you can share make-up and product reviews. This wasn't my first box but there were so many goodies to try so I thought I should definitely share them with you. I have been a fan of Bourjois for quite a while, reasonably priced and good quality, I have a few of their lipsticks and love their blushers, mainly because of the lovely scents. Let me take you through the products and be sure to scroll all the way down to see the make-up look I have created! 

First up we have the Heathy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation (55 - Dark Beige, £9.99) and Concealer  (52 - Medium, £8.99) . This gives a semi radiant finish and has medium coverage. Those of you who know me, know I love a dewy finish to my foundation. This is somewhere in between matte and radiant however not radiant enough for me. Saying that I was still pleasantly surprised by the effect it gave. It was slightly too light for me, however I warmed it up with a coloured powder. For the price I think it is really good value for money and could easily see myself wearing it again. The concealer was just as impressive as the foundation. It is so great to see drug store brands producing fab quality. I still needed to use a colour corrector for my eye bags though.

The Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushers (£6.49) are some of my fave, so I knew I was going to love this. What's great about their blusher's is that they are not very pigmented. I know this sounds confusing, but it really allows you to build up the blusher which allows for a better blend and more natural effect. The brush that comes with it is actually pretty good as the bristles are quite tough, so when I'm in a rush I use it more, as it allows for quicker application. The effect this blusher gave was beautiful.

Top to Bottom: Blusher in Golden Rose, Foundation in Dark Beige, Concealer in Medium

The gorgeous Xmas Smoky Stories Quad (£7.99) is perfect for Christmas. The eyeshadow quad has everything you need for a full eyeshadow look. Even down to the glitter! I found the products easy to blend and the glitter was so sparkly. I could have got even more of a glittery effect if I had used a glitter glue. The shades have been chosen to compliment one another so make it really easy. 

Now the Metallic Lip Creams (£7.99) just blew me away. I couldn't get over how vivid the colours were. They felt so silky and smooth on the lip and can even be toned down by blotting the excess product off to get less of a glossy effect. The colours are just beautiful and I will definitely be wearing over the festive period.

Top to Bottom: 500, 300, 100

Finally for the Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara (£8.99)! This does exactly what it says, provides you with loads of volume, Personally I like a mascara that does a little more lengthening and less volume but I was really happy with the results I achieved with it. I would happily purchase this again. 

Overall I was really happy with all of the products in the box. There was not a product I disliked. I am so happy for the opportunities I get, as it really does allow me to try products I might not have otherwise picked up. I think there are some really fab products in here for the party season ahead and can't wait to get using them. What do you think of the make-up look? I'm totally getting eighties vibes! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Amina xx

*products featured in this post are complimentary from Influenster.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Stocking Filler Gift Guide!

Hey Guys,

This week I am bringing to you a gift guide for stocking fillers, however saying that some of these would also make great actual gifts on their own too. They would also be perfect for those Secret santa's where you are on a budget. They are all beauty related so if it ain't your thing then click away now!

1. Stila - Written in the Stars Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow set (£25)

This is such a beautiful gift set. It contains three of the magnificent metals liquid eyeshadows in mini format. For the price I think this is great as it allows you to try three different colours for around the same price as what one would usually cost. The effect these give is stunning and so sparkly I just can't get enough. This is one of the pricier items on my list and would equally make a fab christmas present or stocking filler.

2. Kiss - ImPRESS Gel Fake Nails (£7.99)

Such a lovely stocking filler. Not only am I 'impressed' (excuse the pun! Come on, it is christmas!) by the range of gorgeous designs, but also how secure these feel on the nail. I think I can honestly say these are the best false nails I have ever tried. They fit my nails so perfectly and they have been designed to look like a gel nail. They appear so professional and would be a hit in any beauty lover's stocking. I really enjoyed wearing them myself and have a pair ready for Christmas day!

3. Kiss - Lash couture (Midnight, £7.99) & Natural False Lashes (Shy, £4.99)

Who doesn't love false lashes? Well whatever lash effect you want, from dramatic to natural, Kiss have you covered. I was particularly wowed by the Lash Couture range as they give a faux mink effect. They are 3D and also have a mix of brown and black coloured hairs in them to make them look even more effective. Gift one as a stocking filler and do yourself a favour, buy a pair for you too.

4. Leighton Denny - Two of a Kind Nail Polish Duo (Real Treasure & Down Memory Lane, £10)

Without fail, every year I get some sort of nail polish combo as a gift and out of a lot of sets, these limited edition colours really stand out to me. Leighton Denny is a great nail brand and you can rely on the quality of the nail polish. You get two mini nail polishes for £10 and I think the colours are great for the festive season. The packaging also gives me christmas cracker vibes so it's a hit for me!

5. Spacemasks - (£3.50 each OR £15 for pack of 5)

So this might not seem like an obvious stocking filler but let me tell you whoever is on the receiving end of these will thank you! If you haven't heard of Spacemasks, it's essentially an eye mask that when you apply to your face, start to warm up using some kind of crazy scientific power (iron filings react to oxygen creating heat). The end result is a warm soothing eye mask with the added extra of Jasmine. I suggest buying a box of five and adding one to everyone's Christmas present!

This is one of the most expensive items on the list. And to be honest I would be happy with this as a christmas gift rather than stocking filler because of the price and size (each lipstick is 4cm in length.) However saying that, the colours included are some of the most popular from the Hot lips collection and I absolutely love mini's as it allows you to try a range of colours. From left to right you get, Kim K W, Carina's Love, and Secret Salma, a great mix of colours.

7. So...? Fragrances - Body Mists (£3.99)

I featured these fab body mists on my blog a few weeks back (click here) and I think they would be a perfect addition to any stocking. Lovely mists that are light and fresh. There are a range of scents to choose from to suit whoever you are purchasing for. Mine have constantly been in my handbag since I got them so would definitely recommend as an add on to a christmas gift.

And that's it for my stocking fillers post. Just a few items I think any beauty lover would be happy to receive. Have you started your christmas Shopping yet? I haven't! Eek, I better get on it!

Amina xx

*This post contains PR samples. All opinions are my own.