Thursday, 12 October 2017

Glossy Eyes with 3INA make-up

Hey guys,

I have spoken about the make-up brand 3INA on my blog before (see here) and was recently sent some of their new releases to try. The range focuses on the eyes, with a gel, gloss, eyeshadow and brow products. The most exciting by far for me was The Eye Gloss which I will tell you more about.

I have always been a gloss kinda gal. I was obsessed with lip glosses in my teens and would often go out with nothing but lip gloss on. My love of gloss also extended to my eyes, I would use vaseline and lather it on my lips and eyelids after seeing Natalia Imbruglia rocking it in the 90's. I love that dewy shiny look, it's totally me and I have done make-up looks using glosses before (see here), so when I saw The Eye Gloss (Shade 503, £9.95) I couldn't wait to try it out because the colour was something I hadn't tried before. 

This is by far the stand out product for me in the collection. It is so effective and so easy to use as it comes with a sponge applicator attached. You simply twist and the product pushes up into the sponge. All I have applied on my eyes in the pictures below is the eye gloss with some mascara. So simple, but really pretty. It can also be applied on top of eyeshadow to create another dimension and texture. It isn't tacky or sticky on the eye and feels weightless. I can definitely see myself wearing it through the coming months and maybe contrasting with a matte lip. That reminds me, you can double it up as a lip gloss too!

Another product I was sent was The Duo Eyeshadow (shade 606, £10.95). At first I thought this was quite pricey but I soon realised this was because you are getting three eyeshadows essentially. A brown, gold and then where the two eyeshadows meet, they have been mixed, thus creating a third colour. The eyeshadow is actually quite creamy and a great little compact. It can create a full eyeshadow look with gold on the lid, brown through the crease and the mixed colour in the middle of the eye lid. Or all used separately. Thumbs up from me.

Swatches top to bottom: The Duo Eyeshadow 606 (Gold, mixed, brown), The Eye Gloss 503, The Gel Liner in Soft Brown

The final product I tried out was The Gel Liner (shade 801, £9.95). I am partial to a gel liner, I just find using a gel gives the best colour and smoothest line. However I'm not sure I like the formula of this gel. When I applied it to my eyes I found it quite hard to work with. It didn't apply smoothly and was a little crumbly. It could have just been that the product had dried out. I think if you add a mixing medium like MAC Mixing Medium or Ingot Duraline then this would definitely make it more workable.

3INA are definitely exciting me as a brand as they are creating products that are easy to use, but with high impact. What do you think of the eye gloss trend? Will you be trying it out?

Amina xx

*PR gift. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Beauty Wishlist!

Hey Guys!

This week I am bringing to you my beauty wishlist. These are things that I have wanted for a long time or items that haven't even been released yet, either way I can't wait to get my hands on them. Basically, I just needed to get this off my chest and I feel by having a post dedicated to them, it will make me feel like wanting them less. That doesn't make any sense does it?! Anyway...

This is a limited edition Rose Gold palette and the shades just call out to me. I have lusted over all of the Ambient Lighting Palette but for some reason this one particular has my name written all over it.  I have always loved blushers, but this combines beautiful blushers with highlighters and a bronzer, all encased in a rose gold casing. The colours are perfection. Want. Need.

I am so excited for this new foundation by Huda Beauty, released later this month. Two years in the making, Huda has promised this foundation to be like no other. With a shade range of 30, there must be a match for me. From what I have seen from Huda wearing it herself, the finished look is seamless and I know I am going to need to try this. Only downside is there are no Huda Beauty counters anywhere near me so I'm going to have to guess my shade. Wish me luck!

Keeping in the theme of Huda Beauty. Her newly released Dessert Dusk Palette looks absolutely stunning. Released on the same day as the NARS X Christopher Kane palette was, I opted for the NARS (see review here). But this hasn't left me wanting the Dessert Dusk any less. Twilight, Retrograde and Cosmo are so enticing. But I can't justify buying as I have a lot of the other colours from other brands or palettes. Still would love it in my collection though.

Recently I got a sample of the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse OR dry oil from the My Little Box subscription box and was pleasantly surprised by the scent and effect the oil has on my skin. I have heard so much about this oil and read a lot of reviews and wondered what the fuss was all about. I love it so much I now want the shimmer version which has particles of glitter within it, leaving your skin glowing. 

Do I even need to say anything... Barry M has a range of Liquid highlighters and they are all so pretty. This one in particular just gives off unicorn fairy mermaid vibes. So what can I say. I want it. I don't know if it will suit my skin tone but that's not going to stop me. It comes in a bottle with dropper style dispenser and can be applied directly onto the face and blended with a beauty blender, brush or fingertips.

Again, one I have wanted for a very long time. Stila have a range of colours and you apply simply by swiping the applicator over the eye. It leaves you with the effect of eyeshadow and glitter without having to apply eyeshadow and glue glitter on separately. They are so pretty and easy, I just want one in my collection. They can be pricey at £23 but I have managed to find them for £19 here, so am extremely tempted!

This is one of those products I have wanted to try forever. This beauty elixir is raved about and it's a skincare item that so many people swear by. I love Caudalie as a brand and how they use natural ingredients in their products. The main ingredient behind a lot of their products are grapes specially grown in france which makes them quite unique. Unfortunately I don't own anything from this brand yet ,but the beauty elixir is definitely on my wishlist.

With Fenty Beauty by Rihanna having recently launched I have been super intrigued by all of her products and have been reading many reviews to get my head around which of her products I need. However, the more I read the more I felt like maybe I could give it a miss. That is, until I saw her holiday collection. The oil slick packaging on the lipsticks is drawing me towards them and that eyeshadow palette looks like it has a little bit of everything. This is definitely on my one to watch list and I'm sure it will be a sell out.

So that's my beauty wishlist for now. I feel so much better now I have got them all off my chest and have something to look back at when I feel like treating myself. What's on your beauty wishlist?

Amina xx

Thursday, 28 September 2017

NARS x Christopher Kane Chrome Couture Review

Hey Guys,

This week I am bringing to you the much anticipated NARS x Christopher Kane Limited Edition Chrome Couture Collection which features the Hardwired Eyeshadow Palette (£34) and Holographic Lipstick in Chroma Chrome (£23). If you don't know, Christopher Kane is a Scottish fashion designer and he has collaborated with NARS before in 2015. When I heard there was going to be an eye shadow palette in the new collection I knew I would need it. And when I set eyes on it, well to be honest I didn't even look at the price tag!

The packaging says it all. The holographic cover ensured me I was in for a treat. I couldn't wait to get inside! Let's start with the eyeshadow palette. It's a collection of six eyeshadows, three of which I would class as duo chrome, in that they shine two colours, two highly metallic shimmers, and one matte base with flecks of shimmer. My favourite has to be the duo chrome blue/purple shade (III). It is so stunning and just stole my attention straight away. The consistency of all the shadows are very smooth and creamy. All swatches are a one touch swatch, so you can see below that they are highly pigmented. I can't wait to start creating some make-up looks!

Low lighting. Top to Bottom VI, III, V, II, IV, I

Natural lighting. Top to Bottom VI, III, V, II, IV, I

One thing I was disappointed with is the size of the product. It is Limited edition so I didn't think it would be very big, but in fact, it is actually tiny. And to top it off I don't feel as though the pans are actually full of product as there is a good millimetre of metal pan visible around each eyeshadow. So I wouldn't exactly say this is value for money, but you are paying for quality and a designer product.

Swatches top to bottom, II, IV, I (eyeshadow palette), Chroma Chrome (lipstick)
Now for the Holographic lipstick. Going by the name, I think I was literally expecting it to be, well, holographic. But then I thought maybe this wouldn't be as wearable as I would hope. Still amazing though. I would class the li[stick as, a beautiful metallic pink colour with a slight highlight of rose pink running through it. So when the light catches it it gives you this beautiful highlight. It is very comfortable on the lips and is actually quite subtle which is not what I expected at all. The colour may be a little light for my skin but I love it and will continue to wear it. Once again, it is on the small side. Definitely not a full sized product but more of a deluxe sample size.

Now the big question is would I recommend? Of course! If you're an eyeshadow addict like me then you need this in your life. The fact it has duo chrome as well as highly pigmented shimmers all in one palette meant I had to have it, as they are the one thing that is was missing from collection. If your bank balance can take the hit, then I would definitely say it's worth it. Will you be buying? Tell me your all time favourite palettes!

Amina xx

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Curly Hair Saviours & GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys,

This week I am bringing you my hair story with a happy ending and a giveaway to celebrate, so make sure you read all the way to the end. My hair has always been frizzy, curly, thick, coarse and altogether horrible hence 'Curly hair problems'. I sometimes style it straight, but most of the time wear it tied up if it's curly. However, I felt sick and tired and thought what better way, than to ask for some advice on Instagram. I was sent loads of suggestions for curly hair and decided to test some products out. The results I have been left with are so much more than I could ever have hoped for and I'm over the moon that I can let my natural curls bounce like they are supposed to.

First up, let me introduce you to my new hair washing routine. I have heard so much about the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula range* it seemed so perfect for me and my unruly hair. I had used coconut oil on my hair in the past but sometimes found it too greasy. However I was intrigued to see how it would work in a shampoo and conditioner. Before I give you my verdict, let me explain that I have used the shampoo and conditioner on their own, together and with other products from the range and every time have seen a difference in my hair. I wash and condition my hair twice a week and since using the Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo and Repairing Conditioner my hair has been much more curlier and much less frizzier. I also recently tried the Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack and the effect it left my hair with was so lovely. Full curls, which looked shiny, bouncy and had movement without the flyaways.

After washing my hair I have been using the Coconut Oil Leave-in Conditioner. You simply spray from root to tip, and I find this just gives a little bit of added moisture and structure to my hair, without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy, which is always a bonus as I hate that feeling in my curls. If you have curly hair you will know that curls vary depending on what day after washing it is. Day one for me is always the best and they gradually get worse, in that my hair get's frizzier, the curls fall out, my hair becomes misshapen when I sleep on it. That's where the Coconut Oil Dry Oil Mist comes in, the perfect refresher for day two and three! You simply spray it onto your curls and it revives the shine in them. If you have fine or greasy hair I would stay away from this product as it's extremely greasy. Perfect for my hair though!

The great thing about the Coconut Oil Formula range is definitely the ingredients. Coconut Oil to add moisture, Monoi Oil, to add hydration, organ oil, to add shine and Sea Kelp which will promote growth. They contain no sulphates, parabens, phthalates, miners oil, gluten or dyes, only the best for your hair!

Another item I have been loving is the Umberto Ginaninni No More Frizz Curl Serum. It is one of the best serums I have tried for reducing frizziness. Sometimes I can get away with applying this to my  damp hair and nothing else and it will give me a lovely defined curl for day one. I do have to use a lot of this and this is the problem with my hair , it absorbs product like there's no tomorrow, due to it's dryness. I find with most products I have to put more in than the recommended amount, as it is never enough. When I apply this I usually use the OGX Curl Styling Milk to give it a little added help. This just gets rid of any frizz and binds the hair together. This is also a good product to use on day two and three. Sometimes I just dampen my hair to redefine the girls again and reapply the OGX cream and I am left with day one curls again. Can I get a whoop whoop.

The final product to have upped my curly hair game is the Xtava 5 in 1 Curling Tong (£45.99, currently on sale for £21.99). I very rarely heat style my hair curly. Whenever I do style my hair, I straighten it or add loose waves. The fab thing about this curling wand is you can achieve five different types of curl as there are five interchangeable barrels which vary in circumference. So When I want a tousled effect I can achieve that with barrel five for example, but when I have my hair curly it allows me to just give my curls a little bit more shape and definition by using barrel one ,which is the smallest. If you have curly hair, you will know the struggle of randomly having a chunk that hasn't curled, or an area of just frizz. So this allows me to grab the random pieces that haven't curled and just give them the little help they need. It also allows me to refresh my hair on day two or three after washing. It has 9 heat setting which range from 130 C - 210 C, which is perfect for different hair types. It also comes with a heat protective glove, so there is no worry of burning your hand. All this for £21.99. I only wish I was introduced to it earlier.

I am besotted with my new curls and that is all thanks to the new products I have tried. This is my hair routine for now, but stay posted as I will continue to test out products and keep you up to date. Now for the giveaway! You can win an Xtava 5 in 1 curling tong for yourself! Just fill out the gleam giveaway below. Ends 18th October. Good luck!

Amina xx

*PR Gifts. All opinions are my own

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