Thursday, 28 January 2016

To my girls, on their 1st birthday.

This post is dedicated to both my children on their 1st birthdays. Bubbles is two and a half and Choochi is about to turn one, which has brought about these mixed emotions all over again.

Happy 1st birthday! I am so proud to call you my baby! But that's just it. You are not a baby at all anymore. It sounds silly, as you are only one, but my how you've grown. From the first day I set eyes on you, I knew you were special. An angel even. A gift from God. And over this year, the miracles I have seen you perform still put a smile on my face. From your first tooth, to watching you crawl, you fill my heart with warmth. You do not even know how much joy you bring to our lives, but maybe that's the beauty of it.

No longer a baby, you grow in confidence everyday. Exploring, doing and being you. You are perfect, so please don't change. As you grow, I hope you feel secure, happy and know deep down that no matter what, you will always have me. I hope your life is blessed as you have blessed mine.

And now, even though I am bursting with happiness and pride, I feel a sadness too. Sad that soon I will no longer spend this time with you, sad that there will be a day where you no longer need me. But I can look back and know I've done my best. I look forward to what this next year brings. More milestones, and happiness, I know. I love you!

A short poem I wrote for you:


To my angels, I love you so.
How much? You will never know.
Through it all, good times and bad,
You're the greatest achievements I ever had.

On turning one, well done you did it!
Teething, sitting, crawling, I can't believe it!
Here's to the next year, I can't wait.
I'm sure you won't fail to surprise me, it's in your fate. 

Now to the future, proud I know I'll be.
Whatever you do, it's meant to be.
Never too far, I'll watch you grow,
To my angels, I love you so.

Lots of love, your Mummy XX

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Eyebrows on fleek?

If you are looking for 'ombre brows' or 'Insta brows', you are reading the wrong blog! Each to their own and everything, but, personally I like a natural looking brow. Brows frame the eyes and can make such a difference to the overall makeup look, but remember: 'Eyebrows are sisters, not twins!'.

I am quite lucky, in that my hair growth on my eyebrows is quite good. I don't really have any bald patches, but the hair is fine, so always falls downwards. I maintain my eyebrows by threading them myself. I am not an expert threader, but I have a good go, and if there are any hairs left, I simply tweeze them out.

I came across Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel (Dark brown, £7.99) when shopping in Boots and liked the idea of having a pencil and a gel, all in one product, so I thought I would give it a go. I wanted a product for everyday use and so didn't want anything too expensive.

I applied the pencil first and created a slightly thicker shape. Then, to set the hairs in place, I used the gel. You could even apply the pencil in the day, and for a fuller coverage, apply the gel for an evening look. I am really impressed with the overall finish. I think the brows look fuller, more shapely, smooth and my eyes look lifted and less tired! It has become a staple in my make-up bag.
Before                                        After
Do you like the look? Are you a fan of fuller brows? Have you tried any other amazing eyebrow products? I would love to know!

Amina xx

Thursday, 14 January 2016

L.A. Girl PRO conceal review

I have read a lot of good things about the L.A. Girl pro concealers on the internet, so much so, I wanted to try them out for myself - and boy was I impressed. I purchased four colours: the green and orange for colour correcting, 'pure beige' for concealing and 'espresso' for contouring. I can pretty much say they are amazing. The product is so pigmented that you only really need to dab it on to get colour.

I bought the products online from Lustre Cosmetics at the price of £4.99 each. The tubes are small, but you get the most out of your money, as you hardly need to use any. I would also apply in dots rather than a solid line of colour to make it easier to blend. I love the colour 'espresso' as it is more dirty brown, rather than and orangey brown which makes it perfect for contouring, as it creates the illusion of a shadow.Once applied the colour sets quickly, so I wouldn't leave it there for too long before blending.

My pictures below were taken in daylight. However, I mostly prefer to contour for evening events, as I think it can be a bit much for daytime. Plus, evening lighting is more flattering on the contour..

Here are pictures before and after I concealed and contoured my face.





In the 'after' pictures, I have also added some mascara, blush and lipstick, but the pictures have not been retouched whatsoever. Promise! I think it's great how just a little bit of contouring can add definition to the face.

However, remember to contour for your face shape. Our faces are all different so tailoring your contour to suit you is important. Below, I have posted a little guide for face contouring. You'll notice the oval shape has no contouring as this is considered the 'perfect' shape in the make up industry.


Have you tried contouring before? Do you love or hate it? Let me know if you've tried these products or contouring. I would love to hear from you.

Amina xx


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Kiko Double Dare Eyeshadow & liner Duo

Happy New Year everyone!

A couple of months ago I posted that Kiko was opening in Birmingham and I have been there more than once let's just say! So for New Year's this year I rocked a smokey eye using Kiko's Double Dare eyeshadow and liner duo (£7.90) from their newest collection, 'Campus Idol'. I thought I would do a quick review and detail the look.

Firstly, I loved the packaging. It has an old school 'Preppy' feel to it. The duo itself is 2 in 1 making it ideal and compact. The more items you get into one product the better! I purchased it in two colours, '02 - Copper and Chocolate' and '06 - Steel and anthracite' which I am wearing. The eyeshadow stick applies quite smoothly and is creamy in texture and the eyeliner is similar. Because of its creamy texture, I expected it to crease on the eyelid or wear off on the crease during the night, however I was pleasantly surprised when it stayed put!

Campus Idol Packaging with Steel/Anthracite duo.

From top to bottom: Chocolate/copper duo
and Steel/Anthracite.
For the price, you are essentially getting two products, an eyeshadow and a liner which I think is fab! I would definitely recommend! I opted for a smokey look for New Year's and thought the Steel and Anthracite duo would do this perfectly as it has a slight sparkle to it.

I applied a black kohl liner over the lid firstly and blended out slightly with a blending brush. I then applied the Anthracite eyeshadow over the kohl straight from the duo. Next I blended a matte brown eyeshadow through the crease to bring out the colour on the lid. I used 'paper bag' from the Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 palette (£7.99). I then used the Steel liner over the lash line and blended this up with a detailer brush. Finally, I applied my falsies! And my eyes were done.

Using my Manizer sisters Luminizing palette by The Balm cosmetics (£21.60), I added 'Mary-Lou Manizer' highlight on my cheekbone and 'Cindy-Lou Manizer' on the cheek. My nude lip was also Kiko. It was the Temptress lip set in '01 - misty rose' (£7.60) . It's quite an easy look as the double dare duo does all the hard work. Below is the finished look.

What do you think? Do you like the look? Are you tempted to buy the duo? I would love to hear your comments.

Amina xx
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