Thursday, 28 July 2016

Deluxe Collagen Skin Supplement Review

Hi guys.

I have been trying out a new product for a few weeks now. You may have seen it being advertised. It is a skincare vitamin supplement by Regime London called *Deluxe Collagen. Skincare is so important to me because I know flawless skin = flawless make-up. Yes there are tips and tricks to masking certain imperfections but if your skin is on point then make-up becomes effortless.

I didn't take the decision to pop some pills lightly. I really did my research before taking this because, essentially, something will be entering my stomach and affecting my skin (supposedly). I made sure  to check out all the ingredients before, but ultimately, I thought we take vitamins for everything else so why not your skin?

The Science behind the product is that it contains 50% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C and contains something called Peptan which is described as hydrolysed Collagen from fish. Collagen is  a protein found in our bones, muscles, tendons and most importantly our skin and it gives us strength and structure which provides more youthful looking skin. So it makes sense to assume that increasing our collagen intake will result in an improvement in skin condition.

Like I said I have been taking the supplement for a few weeks now (having been sent a 30 day supply). The directions state to take two tablets with breakfast and dinner (4 in total). This can then be increased to 8 in total. I can say my skin is feeling more plump and a bit more hydrated, but to say I have noticed a massive difference would be a lie. I presume this is because I need to take it for longer and the results Regime London found were based on women aged 40-45. So maybe at that age you may notice more of a difference as your skin is lacking more collagen? It's never too early to start though, right?

My skin after a few weeks use.

I would say this product is for someone who is serious about skincare and in it for the long haul. They are committed to making a difference to their skin. The capsules are quite large so not for the faint hearted. Because they contain fish, this also means they are not suitable for vegetarians.

What I have taken from all the research I have been doing however is that we can learn a lot more about what is good for our skin by looking deeper into our diet. Really we shouldn't have to take supplements to improve our skin. We should be able to gain all the nutrients we need for healthy looking skin through the food we eat. I know however in today's climate with air pollution at its highest and our busy lifestyles it's not always possible. So maybe skin supplements are the way forward.

I don't think I would purchase Deluxe Collagen, only because I am not concerned with anti ageing to this extent right now, although starting young is probably better in the long run. However I like the idea of some of the other products Regime London sell such as Coconut Quench (which is the equivalent of 4000mg of coconut water) and Hyaluronic Acid which both improve moisture content in skin which is something my skin is desperate for!

These products are now available to purchase from Amazon and Superdrug. What do you think about beauty supplements? Would you take them? 

Amina xx

*Products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Which subscription box?

Hi everyone!

Recently I have been bombarded with mentions of subscription boxes in my twitter feed (@aminaali_mua) and there are so many I want to subscribe to. Unfortunately, if I did this I would be bankrupt! Luckily, I have had the opportunity to sample a few, so thought I would give you an insight into a few that really appealed to me.

Let's start with Pink Parcel. They are a monthly subscription box for that time of the month ladies, when mother nature pays us a visit. Yes, your period. The idea is you select brands you like, put in the dates of your monthly cycle and then Pink Parcel send you the box when you need it most! Pink Parcel has designed the box so you get a little bit of everything: tea, beauty products, tampons/pads and, most importantly, something sweet which we all know we need around this time! I was really pleased with the sample I got. It included four tampons, Maybelline nail polish, bellapierre cheek & lip stain, Clean & Clear spot treatment, Pink Parcel Brow Powder, some Fudge Kitchen fudge (which was delicious by the way) and a sample of pure natural creme by Jason. Overall I think this subscription box is a nice idea and it really will cheer you up when you need it most. For £10.50 it's not bad at all!

Maybelline Colour Show Leather effect nail polish in 'Mudslide tote'.

Next up we have a Little bit Lavish. This is a brand new subscription box which I am so excited about. It hasn't even launched yet! It's designed for us to discover new brands and indulge in a little bit of 'me time'. I love the concept and with a range of 5-8  high-quality products for £20 a month it  provides real value for money, even if  you think £20 a month is little out of your budget. In my sample box I received a hand crafted bath bomb by Miss Patisserie, a solid perfume pot by GLOW for a cause (a skincare company who give 5% back to good causes), Naked lip balm by Skin & Tonic London and a Satin Leg gloss by Evolve beauty (which I used on my arms too). I love the fact that the products are organic and most were made in the UK. I adore this box, from the simple packaging to the quality of the products provided inside. I would genuinely be pleased to receive a box like this every month.

'Satin Leg Gloss'  by Evolve Beauty.

The final box I am going to review is a little bit different but I thought I would mix it up. It's Earlybird, a healthy snack subscription box which is tailored to suit your taste (£4.95 per box). This box is perfect for those of us who like to snack throughout the day. The great thing about it is you can pick boxes to suit your taste and it's all healthy for you! I was dubious about some of the offerings but after trying them them I definitely give them a thumbs up. Even my daughters tried some of the (Nuts about Ella box (blanched hazelnuts, mulberries and milk chocolate buttons) and the Mangoco box  (pumpkin seeds, cashews and dried mango) and loved them. In my box I was also given the Pineapple Chia pud, Taste of the sun pack and Mojitea Mockingbird tea bag. I have been taking these to work as snacks this week and it makes a nice alternative to crisps and chocolate! Another great thing is  most, if not all, of their products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians!

Overall, if I had to choose one box I think I would go for Little bit Lavish! It was the box I was most excited by and one where I would use all the products and enjoy doing so. I hope you like the reviews. Comment below, which box would you choose?

Amina xx

•all boxes were provided as PR samples


Thursday, 14 July 2016

#BloggerTikiParty @ Island Bar Birmingham!

Hi Guys,

On Sunday I attended the Blogger Tiki Party hosted by the lovely Kirsty of and all I can say is that it was amazing! I have been to a few blogger events before but I really enjoyed this one! The event was Tiki theme if you haven't already guessed and was hosted at a tiki themed bar in Birmingham, my home town. I thought I would give you an insight into what it's like to attend an event and when to look out for the next one if you're a blogger!

There were a few brands attending the event in person and I was first drawn to Love Aroma. They are a home fragrance shop in Grand Central and sell the likes of Yankee candles as well as other bits and bobs like candle holders. I am obsessed with scented candles and can have five burning through the house at any given time so can't wait to give these a go! 

Also attending the event was a company called Lipivir. This product is specifically for those people who suffer from coldsores. Lipvir have come up with a colourless lip gel that can be applied to your lips everyday and actually prevents coldsores. As a coldsore sufferer this is such an amazing product. If you don't want to wear it everyday it can be applied once that initial tingling sensation is felt. I was also informed that this can be used anywhere on the face and body to treat and prevent other types of coldsores. Bonus! 

I then popped over to the Neal's Yard stand where I tested some lovely samples and was given a mini tub and encouraged to come into store to test any product I like, which I definitely will be doing! next to Neal's Yard was Heaven by Deborah Mitchell. As soon as I saw the packaging I was in love but when I actually spoke to the lovely girls (who knew their stuff by the way) I was even more impressed and intrigued as some of their anti ageing products contain bee venom! I was lucky enough to be gifted one of their cleansers, their emergency SOS skincare kit and 'bee bee' cream which I will be doing a full review of, so look out.

There were also a few subscription boxes at the event. Pink ParcelLittle Bit Lavish, and Earlybird. Again, too much to go into here, so I will be doing a separate post on these in the future.

After I had visited the brands I had time to meet with fellow bloggers, network and enjoy like-minded company. It was so great to actually put faces to names and blogs. I grabbed my Pina Colada mocktail and got chatting. There was a lovely raffle with the proceeds going to MIND. I didn't win anything but was had fun having a nose at what others won!

Pina Colada Mocktail

From left to right (Twitter handles): @sarieah, @kirstyleannee92, @klearlykirsty, @samadventures1, @jinks_karen, ME! @aminaali_mua, & @tanbeautyaddict.

Finally after taking a few selfies, goodie bags were given out which were full to the brim of brand samples. Here are some pictures of what I got. It has definitely left me with a lot of content for my blog in the coming weeks so I will keep you posted!

Some food products from the goodie bag: Super Treats organic chocolate alternative, Yushoi snap rice sticks, Pre Tea Slim tea detox, Wooden spoon by Kurly Sues Kitchen.

Other products in the goodie bag including: Dinki Belle nail wraps, Paul Mitchell hair products, Invoke false eyelashes, brush works complexion sponge & eyelash curlers.

Finally I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making the event so enjoyable but in particular to Kirsty and Ashton for putting together such a fab event. If you are a blogger and looking to attend an event, they have just announced  the #bloggerhalloweenparty which can be signed up to in August! I only hope I am lucky enough to be selected!

Amina xx

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Eid 2016 Make-up look


This week I thought I would do an Eid make-up look. The month of Ramadan has been challenging but truly rewarding for me and I am so happy to celebrate Eid after a whole month of fasting. What better way to celebrate than to dress up, exchange presents and eat lots of lovely food with family and friends!

A photo posted by Amina Ali (@aminaali_mua) on

To create this look I used some of my purchases from my recent IMATS trip, which you can read about here. I was wearing canary yellow so decided to go for my Ingot lipstick in '412' as this was the perfect berry shade to pop against the yellow. I also used the NYX photo-loving primer and the consistency is so silky and smooth. It definitely does what it says on the tin, as when you look at the pictures they literally look airbrushed and radiant. I used my Beauty Blender for the first time when creating this look and it lives up to the hype. You simply dampen the sponge and stipple away and your complexion is left looking flawless. Definitely worth the money! I also used the aptly named Ben Nye 'Banana powder' to lift under the eyes and highlight and it seems like the perfect colour for my skin tone so will be using it again.

Some products bought from IMATS including: Beauty Blender, Ben Nye Powder, Ingot lipstick &
NYX photo-loving primer.

To create the look I first cleansed, toned, and moisturised to make sure my skin was at its best before application. I then applied the NYX photo-loving primer. Once this was applied, using the Beauty Blender I stippled on MAC prolonger foundation in NC20. I used my L.A. Girl concealers to then highlight and contour which you can read more about here. I then applied my Ben Nye Banana powder under the eyes and below the contour on the cheek bones to set the highlighted areas of the face.

I then applied my new Benefit 'Goof Proof' brow pencil in '5' to the eyebrows. Such a great product and so easy to use, by the way. I love that it has a spoolie on the other end - so convenient! Now onto the eyes: I used the Sleek Matte V2 palette to create the look on the eyes. I applied the shade 'flesh' all over the lid. I then blended 'paperbag' (brown) through the crease and finally, with a pointed crease brush, used 'thunder' (grey) to deepen the colour through the crease. To create the highlight on the inner corner of the eye I used Barry M dazzle dust in 'Aphrodite' (gold). I've said this before, but a look is never complete without false lashes! So of course I used my fave Nouveau Lashes in Natural/Style2. I have spoken about how fab these lashes are in previous posts which you can read about here. For blush I used Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 'Golden Sun' and finished off the lips using my Ingot lipstick in '412'.

Nouveau Lashes in Natural/Style 2

I hope you like the look. I think yellow is such a hard colour to do make-up for. But it's always good to do a contrasting colour on the lip. I've seen a lot of red lips with yellow but thought I would go for a berry instead and it paid off. I hope you like it. Leave your comments below to let me know what you think!

Amina xx
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