Friday, 27 November 2015

5 minute make up look!

Now, I know all of us are rushed for time in some way, whether it's because the alarm hasn't gone off, or because you have two babies holding on to each leg (like me). But, that doesn’t mean there’s no time for a fast make up fix before you run out the door. So, I thought I would post my quickest make up look, which is mainly thanks to the fact that it uses just two key products: mascara, and a cream blush, also used as a lipstick. ;o)

This look can be done literally within five minutes or less. The star product and what makes this look so quick (and portable) is MAC Cremeblend Blush in 'Britwit'. MAC has five colours to choose from in this range, so take your pick. The reason I love ‘Britwit’ is because it gives such a natural-looking flush, especially on my skin tone.

It is creamy in texture, but blends so easily into the skin. I literally applied my foundation (MAC Face & Body C5 - 50ml, £22.50), which is optional, then mascara (L’OrĂ©al False lash Telescopic mascara in black, £10.99)  and used my fingers to apply the MAC Cremeblend blush (£18.50) to my cheeks. You could use a stippling brush if you prefer, but I just find it easier to blend with my finger for this particular product. I then finish the look by applying the blush to my lips. And that's it! 

What I love is that I can carry the MAC Cremeblend around in my purse and re-apply throughout the day. Because it is cream-based, it gives such a fresh and dewy look which, by now, you probably know I am obsessed with. Below are some pictures of the completed look.

If you have even less time, scrap the foundation and you are left with such a simple, yet effective look, with just two products! I love quick and easy looks. The less products the better, I say. Have you got any quick make up tip ideas? I would love to hear, if you do. Comment below. Thanks.

Amina xx


Friday, 20 November 2015

Get the Gwen Stefani look!

So, this week, I have been inspired by the one-and-only Gwen Stefani. She is the ultimate style icon for anyone that loves a bit of a rocky edge and make up-wise she has got the red-lips look down to a T. However, more recently, she has been mixing up her make up a bit and has been giving us plenty of 60s vibes. She also has a new eye shadow palette in collaboration with Urban Decay coming out soon, which is to die for! I loved this one look she recently wore on ‘The Voice’ so much, it inspired me to have a go myself! 

The double-ended flick here is so representative of the 60s look, so I had a go, but added a sparkly spin to it, ready for the upcoming party season. 

To get the look, I used the Sleek Ultra mattes V2 palette on my eyes with ‘flesh’ on the lid and ‘pa-per bag’ through the crease. I then applied the bottom line first with Collection ' Fast stroke' liquid liner in black and used this as a guide for the top liner. You could use a gel liner for a softer look, but for an authentic 60s look, that gives you the definition, I would suggest the liquid liner. To give a touch of glam, and to emphasise the gap between the liner, I then added Urban Decay 'Heavy Metal' glitter eyeliner in Glam rock in between the two lines and a touch to the inner corner of the eye. Once this was done, I added Rimmel scandal eyes kohl liner in ‘nude’ to the water line. If you wanted to give a full-on 60s look, you could always apply a white liner. Lastly, I applied some mascara and false lashes for extra dramatic effect. 

Personally, I can’t believe I have never tried this look before. It was easy, yet really makes a statement. I’ll definitely be wearing this look out and about. What do you think? Are you a fan of 60s make up? I would love to hear your comments. 

Amina xx

Friday, 13 November 2015

Contouring is out, strobing is in.

Strobing – no, it's not the latest dance sensation, but actually the make-up trend of the moment. What is it? In one word – highlighting. I wish I had a detailed explanation for how it's this great new technique, which is going to change the make-up world forever. Alas no, it's just highlighting. It's still pretty amazing though. 

I have always loved highlighting; there is something about it that just gives you this youthful, fresh glow. Now, my skin is combination, so I admit that those people with oily skin may not be as in love as I am, as they already have a natural sheen. Yet, I really think highlighting suits all skin types. 

I have used three highlighters in this review. MAC strobe (30ml £10, 50ml £24.50), Lush 'feeling younger' skin tint (20g £12) – both of which are creams – and finally for a more subtle highlight, or for those with oily skin, I have used Makeup Revolution radiance highlight palette (£8.00) which is three compressed powders.

From left to right: MAC strobe, Lush 'feeling younger' skin tint, Makeup revolution Radiance palette.

 The biggest difference between them is the colour. MAC strobe is quite a transparent silvery colour, whereas Lush skin tint is gold with a pink undertone, and all three colours in the radiance palette have a gold shimmer. For winter, I would suggest going for the gold or pink undertone as it warms the skin. 

In my demonstration, I have kept my make-up quite simple to emphasise the highlighters. I applied the creams with my fingers and the powder with a brush on the cheekbone, under the brow bone and above the eyebrow.
MAC Strobe
Lush 'feeling younger' skin tint

Makeup Revolution radiance palette
I really love all three, but for my skin colour, I preferred the Lush skin tint, whereas MAC strobe may suit a fairer skin complexion. You have to be careful when highlighting to not over apply, as this can leave you looking greasy or oily, rather than fresh and glowing. I found with MAC strobe it was easy to cross this line. I would maybe use MAC strobe in the day for that dewy look and use Lush skin tint in the evening for a more opulent look and feel. The Makeup Revolution radiance palette, on the other hand, works well all day and is such good value for money at only £8.00! If you’re looking for an overall glow, then I would suggest mixing the Lush skin tint into your daily moisturizer and applying it all over the face. 

What do you think of strobing? Is it just another fad or do you swear by it? I would love to hear any of your comments. 

Amina xx

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Welcome to Motherhood

Life, in my eyes, comes in two chapters. Pre-children and post-children. So, you've waited nine months to meet this little bundle of joy and then the realisation hits you that life as you know it will never be the same. I remember that feeling well. This is one of many overwhelming emotions that comes with being a mum. Guilt is another. There are also nice emotions too. But either way, most of them will make you cry.

Expect the unexpected. Expect to feel emotions you have never felt. Expect to be a different person. Expect to be the mother you didn't think you would be. Don't expect to have time to eat, sleep or poo; or even to remember that you need to do these things. No matter how much advice someone can give you, you will never be ready for what's about to hit you. But, here I am, a little over two years later from my first experience, and I now have another! So, it can't be all that bad, can it?

The girls are asleep. Why is it that I want to hold them most when they are asleep? I suppose it is at this time I can appreciate them most, as now that I have two there is definitely not enough time in the day to reflect on my feelings. I have waited all day for a break and yet I find myself here talking about them. I am obsessed, what can I say? Don't get me wrong, sometimes (a lot of the time) I can just switch off, but occasionally all I can think about is them. I have two beautiful little girls and this feeling of not being able to switch off from them has gradually started to lessen, but once in a blue moon I have a day of thinking: Are they ok? Did they eat enough? Are they too cold? Am I a good enough mum? So annoying.

I can't remember what life was like before I had them. Well, actually I can: no responsibility, the world revolved around me, spontaneity, sleep; the list goes on. I miss the spontaneity and making last minute plans. Now everything has to be planned at least 24 hours in advance. My oldest is only two, yet it seems like a lifetime ago.

My babies have given me meaning to life. That's not to say I didn't have meaning before I had them. But, I feel as though everything has fallen into place since having them. Things seem to make sense. I understand what all those experiences, prior to having them, were for. Now the good, and all I've learnt from the bad, can be passed on. Gosh this is getting serious. How have I ended up at the meaning of life? WOW.

How has motherhood affected you? I love hearing about experiences of motherhood, so please feel free to leave a comment.

Amina xx
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