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It can be a delicate balance trying to relax while the kids are entertained, especially when they are off school for the holidays. But there are some things you can try to achieve a balance of rest whilst also ensuring the children are kept busy.

Try some new crafts

Children absolutely love arts and crafts and they are a great way to keep children entertained and focused allowing you to have some quiet time. Arts and crafts also allow children to explore their creative side which can get their brains working in new ways. Creativity has also been shown to be a great way of relieving stress and relaxing the mind so it can be beneficial for all.

Expose Them to New Experiences

The best form of entertainment for kids is the type where they will learn something new. And who knows? Perhaps they will make something out of it as a hobby or a career later in life. For instance, there are many adventure centres that offer activities a little outside of the normal. Canoeing, horse riding and camping are great experiences that kids love to do with trained professionals. They can learn something new and meet new friends they might keep for life. Encouraging children to explore new things is a great way of encouraging a lot for learning and also helps their interpersonal skills as they will not be afraid of new situations. Other great experiences can include theme parks, rock climbing or visiting a zoo.

Have a Day Out at the Local Pool

If you are ever in doubt about what to do with the kids, you can't really go wrong with a trip to your local swimming pool. And the best part is, you don't have to get wet yourself. You can simply let the kids go and have fun while you sit back and watch them do it. Of course, younger kids might enjoy some swimming time with mum and dad. But your teens will go out of their way to not be seen with a middle-aged parent in a bathing suit! So, it could be a win-win all around. Attending your local swimming pool is also a great activity to do on a budget. You could make it extra fun by taking some inflatables with you or scheduling your visit for a fun splash session which are usually scheduled during the holidays.

Relax while the Kids are Entertained by Video Games

According to the latest figures, there are around 600 million gamers under the age of 18. The great thing about games is that they can really be good for personal development and problem solving. They also develop resilience in children as often when a child loses they have to keep trying in order to get to the next level which can be encouraging. Even if you are restrictive about how much they play, you can rest assured you can get them from under your feet for a short time while you work on your personal needs. This is great at the weekend when they are home from school and there are things you need to get done.

Hire a Professional or Family Member

If you really need some time alone or with your partner to relax, and certain responsibilities just won't allow it, you could hire a professional to watch the children. Child-minding services will watch your children from a few hours to all day, and some services offer overnight care. However, be sure to check that the service you use is reputable and that any individual carers are registered. This is a legal requirement if there is care for any under 8s for over two hours. A safer option may be to utilise your family members such as Grandparents who would I'm sure would love to have the children for the day.

Take a Resort Holiday

It's hard to find a more relaxing environment than a sandy beach with glorious weather. And holiday resorts have access to some of the best beaches in the world. Often, tour operators can find you the best holiday resorts for children. These include plenty of activities for the kids under professional supervision. And while they are being entertained and loving it, you and your partner can relax under the sun, at a spa, or with some much-needed alone time elsewhere. Obviously this option is dependent on budget but you can't beat a holiday abroad where everyone is given time to rejuvenate.


It is often worth investing time and money into children during the holidays as focused activities can keep them happy while also allowing the parent to have some respite. There are many activities to try, hopefully some of these ideas have helped.

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