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Hey guys,

Hope you are all well. Gosh hasn't it got so cold this week?! I always find at this time of year my hands start to dry up and I start using my hand cream constantly. To keep my hands looking pretty I sometimes wear nail polish - usually for special occasions. I am by no means the type of person who wears nail polish constantly; one, because I don't have the time to and see it as a little pamper, and two, I find that nail polish can also leave your nails feeling brittle and weak if worn for prolonged periods.

So when I heard about a nail polish that was 'breathable and water permeable' I was eager to find out what it was all about.

I was sent two nail polishes by LENA, a nail polish brand: 'My Mind's Gone Casa-blanc-a' and 'I'm Sooo Modestly Dressed' (£6.95 in sale, usually £8.95), as well as a top coat (£8.95). LENA offer nail polishes that allow oxygen and water to penetrate through them and therefore make contact with your nails, which in turn makes them healthier for your nails. So, long gone are the days of having yellow, brittle nails! Also, relevant for Muslim women, the nail polishes are Halal. This is a breakthrough, as when performing Wudhu (the cleansing process before prayer), this isn't completed properly if you're wearing nail polish, as the nails can't be cleansed. However, with LENA, because the oxygen and water makes contact with the nail, it means it is no longer a problem. Because of these reasons, and as a Muslim woman, I can justify spending the extra couple of pounds on purchasing LENA nail polishes rather than a high street brand.

I'm Sooo Modestly Dressed

LENA offers a variety of colours which are suitable for everyday use, they also have metallic colours which would look fab for a special occasion. Whilst I admire their creativity, one thing I couldn't quite get my head around when scrolling through the different shades, was the names of the nail polishes - a bit of a mouthful to say the least! Also, not having the name printed on the bottles will make it difficult for reordering. However, I really liked the shape of the brush which made application easy. Also, with the nail polishes being water absorbent, I did think that this might mean they wear and chip quicker, however I didn't notice this at all and the nail polish lasted just as long as any other nail polish I've tried. 

My Mind's gone Casa-blanc-a

Overall, I think these are good quality nail polishes that can compete with any other brand. However, what sold it for me is the fact that I don't have to worry about compromising the health of the nail. Have you tried a water permeable nail polish before? What was your experience?

Amina xx

*PR sample. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I really like the peach one on you!

    1. Thank you! I love it too! It's nice and bright and cheers me up a bit in this awful weather!

  2. Gorgeous colours - I love the peach :)

    Amy | www.whatamydid.co.uk

  3. Love those colors! I am going to have to give these a try :)

    Allison | butwhatshouldiwear.com

  4. I love the shades! It's fantastic that the polishes are Halal too. I'd never considered that nail polish would be a problem when performing Wudhu, so it's fantastic that these polishes would be ok. I wonder though, could a Muslim woman receive judgment from others who don't know that her polish is Halal? Judgment is something I've become all too aware of since becoming visibly disabled so I often wonder about how it could come into other aspects of people's lives. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Oh I bet some people would judge another for wearing it, however that's their problem. I know some people that wear normal nail polish and pray but I don't judge them as they have good intentions. I'm so sorry to hear you feel you are being judged because of your disability. That shouldn't happen but there's no stopping some people unfortunately! XOXO

  5. How long did it take for the nail polishes to be delivered to you? I ordered mine about 4 days ago and I'm starting to get slightly worried!

  6. Like neon yellow, a true yellow isn’t the best match against my skin tone, but still it’s a good polish the have. Especially if you like doing nail art, then a straight up yellow is a good color to own. Discover more about yellow nail polishes.


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