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Hi Guys,

This week I am bringing to you a review of the Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection in 'Noir'. Revolution Pro are a brand under the umbrella company Revolution Beauty London, formerly Makeup Revolution. I have a few pieces from their vast range of brands in my make-up drawer but I must admit it has been a while since I have purchased from them. So when Safiyah Tasneem asked me if I would like to guest post I was more than happy to oblige.

Compared to the other brands under Revolution Beauty London I feel like Revolution Pro is less about the packaging and more about the product. Which is always a good sign. It is a little more serious than it's sister brands and this also matches the name as I'm guessing by having Pro in the name these products are targeted to those looking for high end products at an affordable price. They have a comprehensive range of products from foundations to primers, from eyeshadow palettes to highlighter palettes.

I wasn't sure what to expect, especially when I saw the price tag, £7 for 5 lipsticks! That works out to £1.40 per lipstick. But I wanted to give them a chance! Don't judge a book by it's... price tag... and all that. Anyway, in the box you get 5 lipsticks, as this particular one was the Noir collection all the shades were quite dark in tone, however they also have a pink, red and nude collections and matte versions too. 

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the whole lipstick in general. The first thing I noticed when I applied was definitely the texture of the lipstick. It was so creamy and soft to touch and felt  very moisturising on the lips. I then noticed how amazing the colour pay off was. When it comes to the wear test I would say the lipstick lasted a good 5 hours. And even then I did have a stain left on my lips so they weren't completely naked, however I felt like I needed to re apply after this time. Bear in mind I had eaten during this time too. This really impressed me as the whole time I was wearing the lipstick my lips felt really conditioned.

However the softness of the product did lead to one of the lipsticks breaking when I swatched later on my arm. This could have been due to the fact it was 27 degrees outside, but also the product is very creamy so be careful. But like I was saying, it applies like a dream. I would definitely recommend wearing a lip liner as with the softness they were also prone to bleed a little from the lip line, however this was expected and was quite minor. 

Swatches in Sunlight: Top to bottom: Noir, Watching , Twilight, Midnight, Darkness

Swatches in natural light: Top to bottom: Noir, Watching , Twilight, Midnight, Darkness
The pigmentation of the product really blew me way. The swatches seen here are one swipe swatches so you can see just how much colour applies. The shades range from a purple to terracotta and back to a deep berry colour. I think if you are in to your darker shades then this would make a great purchase. I am definitely into my nudes so will definitely be purchasing the nude collection. I love that revolution beauty are making make-up affordable for the masses. Don't get me wrong, I love my high end products, but I think these are fab for every day wear and for those of us who need to count our pennies. I don't feel like the product resembles the price tag whatsoever. I would never guess from wearing it that my lipstick only cost £1.40. It definitely has got me thinking about the money I spend on make-up!

Each of the lipsticks from the collections are also available individually for £5 however, for an extra £2 you can get 4 other lipsticks so it makes sense to go with the collection. I am definitely going to be purchasing more from the brand as I have been so impressed with these. What have you tried? Give me some suggestions of what to try next in the comments below!

Amina xx

*PR sample. All opinions are my own.

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  2. The shade Midnight is absolutely stunning! I've been really impressed with the Revolution Pro collection so far.

    Roxie |

  3. WOW, these liptsticks look great and for such a great price tag. I have dry lips so can't waer matt lipsticks or any formulas that will dry them out further as they them look cracked and awful. I did think that becuase these were such a good price they may not be so moisturising however was glad to read that you thought they were creamy, soft and moisturising. These really do look great.

  4. Wow I must pick a couple of these up. They are so stunning. They look gorge on you. X

  5. Ooh! I will definitely pick these up. Roll on pay day!

  6. These look amazing! I stopped using MAC lipsticks because I didn't like the texture but definitely will look into these!

  7. Oh wow, all of these shades are gorgeous. I was tempted to pick the set up too but I didn’t for some reason. I’ll have to pick them up next time I’m in Superdrug x

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