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Hey guys,

I thought I would let you know about some of the beauty gadgets I use regularly and that actually make a visible difference to my skin. Beauty gadgets can be quite daunting to look at, however they don't have to be. If you are looking to take you skincare game to the next level then these products are for you! I have included five gadgets in this post that I use weekly.  I have found the older I get, the more serious I have become about skincare and some of these devices will not only help to improve the skin's firmness, but will also help with cell turnover, giving you fresh, supple, and radiant skin.

First up we have the Foreo Luna Go - I use this for cleansing my skin. I apply a cleanser to my skin, apply some water and let the Luna Go do all the hard work. The combination of the Pulsonic vibrations (8000 per minute), as well as the soft silicone brushes help to really get under the skin and lift the dirt, oil and grime from the pores. It also acts as a facial massager to help firm the appearance of skin. This particular version is the travel size version which is great as I can use it at home, but also pack it away when I am travelling and it is also friendlier on the wallet at £85, compared to the full size version.  Once you have used a cleansing gadget you never really go back as you get the cleanest feeling skin. It's kind of addictive. It is fully waterproof and also rechargeable which is always a bonus. For me this is my favourite cleansing tool I have used. 

Another beauty tool that has really helped with the firmness of my skin is the Rio Beauty 60 Second Face Lift. I managed to pick this up as a package which also included some retinol under eye patches and the conductive gel. It was on offer at Tkmaxx and I had never tried a device like this before. However I have been blown away by what it can achieve. It uses faradic facial stimulation (electrical muscle stimulation) to stimulate the skin, the initial feeling can be a little strange as it takes control of your facial muscles however you soon get used to it. It has 3 different settings, 2 of which relate to the facial stimulation, however the third uses galvanic infusion to help absorb the retinol in the eye patches. 

With continued use I have really noticed how tighter my skin is looking. It feels as though it is training the muscles the face and helping them to stay firm and tight, hence the skin appearing tighter too. I have seen a visible reduction in the fine lines around my eyes and as well as seeing benefits in my skins appearance it also acts as a facial massager so can really leave me feeling relaxed. Compared to other devices on the market I also think it is reasonably priced! 

Now where would I be without my trusted light up mirror? A must have on any dresser! I particularly love my *HD mirrors Malibu light up travel mirror, I don't have enough space to have a proper one on the wall so this one is perfect as I can just put it up whenever I need it. Most of the time I leave it open and I love that the plastic cover also acts as a little tray to hold my jewellery or makeup brushes too. It has different light intensities which can be controlled by holding down the power button. As it is portable I also like the fact I can hold it quite close to my face when applying makeup too. It folds away nicely so can also be put away when not needed. It comes with a usb charger , and once we can travel again it will be perfect for those hotel rooms with poor lighting. Let's face it we've all been in one.

Next up we have the Swiss Clinic Micro-needling Roller. If you use them in the correct way, making sure your skin and the tool are both clean, I think they are a great tool. Specifically for scarring and cell renewal, micro needles create small punctures in the skin which then causes increased blood flow to the area which accelerates skin renewal and in turn helps to promote collagen and elastin production. The areas I have found this most helpful are patches of skin where I have pigmentation or scarring. I have even seen it used on stretch marks to help improve the appearance. I would suggest starting off lightly at 0.2mm and then working your way up to 0.5mm and so on. You simply apply the roller to the face gently and roll. 

Once complete you can apply skincare which is supposed to be absorbed 300x more. This tool has particularly helped with evening out my skin tone and I cannot live without it! I even saw a video once where it completely reduced the visibility or stretch marks across the stomach area when used for 6 months. I totally believed it too as any scarring that is left on my face after a particularly bad spot seems to decrease after continually using my micro needle roller. I have spotted a similar set with different needle lengths included for £16.99 here.

The final product I have been using religiously for the past few months are my Gua Sha Mushrooms. Gua sha is a form of Chinese massage that can be used to give the skin deep tissue massage which can help to strengthen and contour the muscles and lift skin at the same time. It can also boost circulation as well as aid in lymphatic drainage. I have created a little bit of a ritual on a daily basis where I get a little bit of 'me' time. I sit back, relax and just massage my skin. The shape of the mushrooms are shaped in such a way that they can be used on both sides to fit the contours of the face. Once finished my skin feels very plump, lifted and altogether healthier.

So there it is, a round up of my most used and trusted beauty gadgets! Do you use beauty devices in your skincare routine? They are a game changer when it comes to skincare!

Amina xx

*PR sample. All opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliate links.

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