Contouring is out, strobing is in.


Strobing – no, it's not the latest dance sensation, but actually the make-up trend of the moment. What is it? In one word – highlighting. I wish I had a detailed explanation for how it's this great new technique, which is going to change the make-up world forever. Alas no, it's just highlighting. It's still pretty amazing though. 

I have always loved highlighting; there is something about it that just gives you this youthful, fresh glow. Now, my skin is combination, so I admit that those people with oily skin may not be as in love as I am, as they already have a natural sheen. Yet, I really think highlighting suits all skin types. 

I have used three highlighters in this review. MAC strobe (30ml £10, 50ml £24.50), Lush 'feeling younger' skin tint (20g £12) – both of which are creams – and finally for a more subtle highlight, or for those with oily skin, I have used Makeup Revolution radiance highlight palette (£8.00) which is three compressed powders.

From left to right: MAC strobe, Lush 'feeling younger' skin tint, Makeup revolution Radiance palette.

 The biggest difference between them is the colour. MAC strobe is quite a transparent silvery colour, whereas Lush skin tint is gold with a pink undertone, and all three colours in the radiance palette have a gold shimmer. For winter, I would suggest going for the gold or pink undertone as it warms the skin. 

In my demonstration, I have kept my make-up quite simple to emphasise the highlighters. I applied the creams with my fingers and the powder with a brush on the cheekbone, under the brow bone and above the eyebrow.
MAC Strobe
Lush 'feeling younger' skin tint

Makeup Revolution radiance palette
I really love all three, but for my skin colour, I preferred the Lush skin tint, whereas MAC strobe may suit a fairer skin complexion. You have to be careful when highlighting to not over apply, as this can leave you looking greasy or oily, rather than fresh and glowing. I found with MAC strobe it was easy to cross this line. I would maybe use MAC strobe in the day for that dewy look and use Lush skin tint in the evening for a more opulent look and feel. The Makeup Revolution radiance palette, on the other hand, works well all day and is such good value for money at only £8.00! If you’re looking for an overall glow, then I would suggest mixing the Lush skin tint into your daily moisturizer and applying it all over the face. 

What do you think of strobing? Is it just another fad or do you swear by it? I would love to hear any of your comments. 

Amina xx

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