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In the early days of having a baby, you’re completely wrapped up in that newborn bubble- and every bit of time and energy you have is devoted to them. But as time goes on, things do start to get a little easier. When your little one starts sleeping at more predictable times and you’ve got into a routine of feeding, changing and play, you might start feeling a bit more like yourself again as the fog lifts. But after nine months of pregnancy and another twelve weeks of postpartum, it’s common for many women to look in the mirror and simply not recognise themselves any more. And this can leave so many of us feeling a bit lost and confused, while our priorities undoubtedly shift when we start a family, the loss of identity can still be a little overwhelming. 

But instead of aiming to get back to your ‘pre pregnancy size’ or to look and dress exactly like you once did before having children, it’s worth embracing the new you. This means making the most of yourself in a practical way, learning to love the changes and feeling your best with more limited time and perhaps money too. Here are just a few ways you can go about this.

Visit the hairdresser

Pregnancy and postpartum can really do a number on your hair. And if you previously had a high maintenance cut or colour then this isnt the most practical choice when you have a baby and less time or money to visit. Instead, chat through more low maintenance styles that make you feel great but will grow out nicely, that way you can go longer between visits while still looking nice. Maybe growing out your bob cut or adding some lowlights into bleached hair could be options. If you wear extensions, having these removed and a fresh cut and colour will make maintaining your hair at home a lot quicker and easier. You might also want to think about hair growth supplements as around three months post partum excess shedding is caused due to falling oestrogen levels.

Have a facial

Pregnancy might have given you a glow but chances are, postpartum has taken it away. All kinds of hormonal skin issues can crop up after having a baby, not to mention general dryness or oiliness from not being able to keep up with your usual skincare routine. If you can squeeze in a facial at your local beauty salon they will rejuvenate your complexion and make it easier to keep on top of at home. If you are not breastfeeding you can also start reusing that retinol to get your skin looking youthful.

Visit the dentist

Not a beauty treatment as such but an important health appointment, but you can always look into cosmetic work if your teeth are affecting your confidence. It’s important to visit the dentist after you’ve had a baby as pregnancy can affect your teeth, hormonal changes can increase the risk of tooth decay and other issues that are much easier to treat if they’re spotted early. If you’re looking for a quick confidence boost, definitely try crest whitening strips if professional whitening is out of your budget as they’re super effective (please check with your doctor if suitable when breastfeeding). In the UK you can also get free dental care for up to a year after your baby is born with a maternity exemption certificate. So make use of it.

Have a massage

Whether it’s with a professional or from a partner, a massage is great for unwinding and easing a tense, tired body. It releases endorphins and helps you to relax, the perfect treatment for any postpartum mum. Getting these booked in every couple of weeks can really help to ease tension in the body and can offer a release to those aching muscles.

Remember to pamper yourself and not just the baby. A happy mum leads to a happy baby!

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