Deluxe Collagen Skin Supplement Review


Hi guys.

I have been trying out a new product for a few weeks now. You may have seen it being advertised. It is a skincare vitamin supplement by Regime London called *Deluxe Collagen. Skincare is so important to me because I know flawless skin = flawless make-up. Yes there are tips and tricks to masking certain imperfections but if your skin is on point then make-up becomes effortless.

I didn't take the decision to pop some pills lightly. I really did my research before taking this because, essentially, something will be entering my stomach and affecting my skin (supposedly). I made sure  to check out all the ingredients before, but ultimately, I thought we take vitamins for everything else so why not your skin?

The Science behind the product is that it contains 50% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C and contains something called Peptan which is described as hydrolysed Collagen from fish. Collagen is  a protein found in our bones, muscles, tendons and most importantly our skin and it gives us strength and structure which provides more youthful looking skin. So it makes sense to assume that increasing our collagen intake will result in an improvement in skin condition.

Like I said I have been taking the supplement for a few weeks now (having been sent a 30 day supply). The directions state to take two tablets with breakfast and dinner (4 in total). This can then be increased to 8 in total. I can say my skin is feeling more plump and a bit more hydrated, but to say I have noticed a massive difference would be a lie. I presume this is because I need to take it for longer and the results Regime London found were based on women aged 40-45. So maybe at that age you may notice more of a difference as your skin is lacking more collagen? It's never too early to start though, right?

My skin after a few weeks use.

I would say this product is for someone who is serious about skincare and in it for the long haul. They are committed to making a difference to their skin. The capsules are quite large so not for the faint hearted. Because they contain fish, this also means they are not suitable for vegetarians.

What I have taken from all the research I have been doing however is that we can learn a lot more about what is good for our skin by looking deeper into our diet. Really we shouldn't have to take supplements to improve our skin. We should be able to gain all the nutrients we need for healthy looking skin through the food we eat. I know however in today's climate with air pollution at its highest and our busy lifestyles it's not always possible. So maybe skin supplements are the way forward.

I don't think I would purchase Deluxe Collagen, only because I am not concerned with anti ageing to this extent right now, although starting young is probably better in the long run. However I like the idea of some of the other products Regime London sell such as Coconut Quench (which is the equivalent of 4000mg of coconut water) and Hyaluronic Acid which both improve moisture content in skin which is something my skin is desperate for!

These products are now available to purchase from Amazon and Superdrug. What do you think about beauty supplements? Would you take them? 

Amina xx

*Products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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