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Hi everyone!

Recently I have been bombarded with mentions of subscription boxes in my twitter feed (@aminaali_mua) and there are so many I want to subscribe to. Unfortunately, if I did this I would be bankrupt! Luckily, I have had the opportunity to sample a few, so thought I would give you an insight into a few that really appealed to me.

Let's start with Pink Parcel. They are a monthly subscription box for that time of the month ladies, when mother nature pays us a visit. Yes, your period. The idea is you select brands you like, put in the dates of your monthly cycle and then Pink Parcel send you the box when you need it most! Pink Parcel has designed the box so you get a little bit of everything: tea, beauty products, tampons/pads and, most importantly, something sweet which we all know we need around this time! I was really pleased with the sample I got. It included four tampons, Maybelline nail polish, bellapierre cheek & lip stain, Clean & Clear spot treatment, Pink Parcel Brow Powder, some Fudge Kitchen fudge (which was delicious by the way) and a sample of pure natural creme by Jason. Overall I think this subscription box is a nice idea and it really will cheer you up when you need it most. For £10.50 it's not bad at all!

Maybelline Colour Show Leather effect nail polish in 'Mudslide tote'.

Next up we have a Little bit Lavish. This is a brand new subscription box which I am so excited about. It hasn't even launched yet! It's designed for us to discover new brands and indulge in a little bit of 'me time'. I love the concept and with a range of 5-8  high-quality products for £20 a month it  provides real value for money, even if  you think £20 a month is little out of your budget. In my sample box I received a hand crafted bath bomb by Miss Patisserie, a solid perfume pot by GLOW for a cause (a skincare company who give 5% back to good causes), Naked lip balm by Skin & Tonic London and a Satin Leg gloss by Evolve beauty (which I used on my arms too). I love the fact that the products are organic and most were made in the UK. I adore this box, from the simple packaging to the quality of the products provided inside. I would genuinely be pleased to receive a box like this every month.

'Satin Leg Gloss'  by Evolve Beauty.

The final box I am going to review is a little bit different but I thought I would mix it up. It's Earlybird, a healthy snack subscription box which is tailored to suit your taste (£4.95 per box). This box is perfect for those of us who like to snack throughout the day. The great thing about it is you can pick boxes to suit your taste and it's all healthy for you! I was dubious about some of the offerings but after trying them them I definitely give them a thumbs up. Even my daughters tried some of the (Nuts about Ella box (blanched hazelnuts, mulberries and milk chocolate buttons) and the Mangoco box  (pumpkin seeds, cashews and dried mango) and loved them. In my box I was also given the Pineapple Chia pud, Taste of the sun pack and Mojitea Mockingbird tea bag. I have been taking these to work as snacks this week and it makes a nice alternative to crisps and chocolate! Another great thing is  most, if not all, of their products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians!

Overall, if I had to choose one box I think I would go for Little bit Lavish! It was the box I was most excited by and one where I would use all the products and enjoy doing so. I hope you like the reviews. Comment below, which box would you choose?

Amina xx

•all boxes were provided as PR samples

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