Santa's Winter Wonderland!


Hey guys,

Last week I was invited to the launch of Santa's Winter Wonderland* at the Snowdome in Tamworth! It has been running for 14 years now, but even being a local Brummie I had never been. I couldn't wait to go because I knew how excited the kids would be. So I told them I had a surprise for them after school and they weren't left disappointed. There was everything you could wish for in a Winter Wonderland, real snow, Santa himself, and animals!

The experience starts off with one of Santa's helpers getting the children (and adults) excited to enter by doing a countdown. As soon as the doors open what first hits you is the cold! I would definitely advise wearing a coat, hat and gloves as it literally feels like a cold Winter's day. But what also stunned me was the real snow! Not a speck of fake snow to be seen. A trail of snow surrounds the ice rink and you have about half an hour to just have fun. There are sleighs and donut slides, you can have snow fights and just really enjoy yourself. 

Next you enter an mini theatre where you get to watch a mini panto! With everything you would expect, including audience participation! So prepare to get out of your seat and dance a long to some Christmas songs. It was just the right length of time for my two who are five and three. They didn't complain once, they were so engaged and in awe of Santa! 

The experience ends with meeting Santa's animals. There were Reindeer, Alpaca, Rabbits and ducklings, which some you are able to stroke and feed. I thought this was such a nice touch as the kids were so excited. They also had wash basins for washing your hands after you had interacted with the animals. Finally you can end the trip with writing a letter to Santa and posting it in a special post box, which I thought was the perfect end to the experience. All in all the children were totally encapsulated by the whole experience and it has been put together so well. I would have loved there to be a grotto or somewhere you could actually meet Santa. Even if this was something you had to pay a little extra for as I feel like that would have been the cherry on top. But either way we had a great time.

There are toilets situated throughout the experience, but to be honest mine didn't even go once as they were so occupied. The whole experience lasts around 90 minutes. I think it is a great deal for the price, you get a real sense of Christmas and excitement. With saver prices bring £13.95 and normal tickets £17.95, I would get your tickets quick! The Snowdome also has a Starbucks and The Aspen Food Company, if you are looking to grab a warm drink after. Now I have been, I definitely want to visit again for a spot of ice skating or maybe even snowboarding if I'm feeling brave!

Amina xx


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