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Hey everyone,

I have spoken of my love for John Frieda products before in previous hair posts (click here) but recently I was sent one of their new releases and out of all too their products I have used, this one is definitely making the most impact on my hair. I have been using it for the past two weeks and have seen a difference not just in my curls but also in the quality and strength of my hair. The new Dream Curls range was sent to me including the Curl Defining Cream* and the Deep Conditioner *. There is also a Curl Reviving Mousse which I think will be fab for days two or three to get those curls back in shape, but I am yet to try! 

Firstly with the Deep Conditioner, I really like using it as I feel as though it gives the results of a hair mask without having to leave it in your hair for as long. I simply use it at the beginning of my shower, after I have shampooed, and rinse out at the end leaving it in for a minimum of 5 minutes. It leaves my curls detangled and super soft. It's literally like a moisturiser for my hair and I think this has a lot to do with a key ingredient which is Abysinnian Oil. It contains a high amount of vitamins and protein which create a lovely shine and hydration for the hair. I have been using this once a week but honestly I want to use it every time I wash my hair as it leaves it so soft.

Once my hair has been washed and conditioned I then apply some Frizz Ease Serum and then the Curl Defining Cream while it is still wet. The instructions advise a small pea sized amount, however I put considerably more on. But that's just because my hair is very dry and thick and absorbs anything you put on it like a sponge, so obviously apply however much you think your hair needs. This cream is an extension of the conditioner and contains similar ingredients. It holds the curls together but in such a natural way. My curls aren't left feeling stiff or greasy but are soft which is one of the things that has really impressed me. I also think this is what gives the natural healthy look to the curls, the fact that they aren't stuck rigidly in place. If you are a curly haired gal you know the struggle of knotty hair and for me that's largely because I try not to brush it when it is dry as it can pull the curls out. But I have been finding when using this product it is less knotted. 

Overall I have been super impressed with this and can see myself adding it to my routine. I like alternating between products when washing my hair as otherwise I feel like my hair gets too used to a product and stops reaping the benefits (Click here to see what else I use). An ambassador for the Dream Curls range is Rochelle Humes and I have been admiring her curly hair recently so was pleased to see her as an ambassador. She also has talked about how she recently decided to embrace her natural curls after years of straightening, largely due to her daughter and wanting to encourage her to embrace her natural beauty. Similarly, this is behind my reasoning too. My daughter's both have curly hair so if I can help them to love their curls then that makes me happy! I would love if you shared any of you curly hair recommendations in the comments below!

Amina xx

*PR Sample. All opinions are my own.

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