Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Smoother Hair with Frizz Ease

Hi Guys,

This week I'm posting all about my hair struggle. I have very frizzy, coarse hair and have done since I was little. I won't embarrass myself with a childhood photo, but think cute baby with uncontrollable curls. I don't think my mum knew what to do with it. Either that, or whatever clips she did put in it popped open with the sheer force of the thickness. That resulted in every childhood photo of me featuring a head full of frizz.

Frizz has followed me everywhere since childhood. Even with masses of product put in it, to slick it down, there would always be the odd flyaway which I couldn't control. Needless to say I have used Frizz Ease Original Serum by John Freida since I was about 15. Sometimes I would just use it to tame the frizz and let my natural curls run free with a bit of control. However, as I got older and started styling my hair I used it to add a bit of shine and smoothness to my tresses.

Recently I was also sent the Forever Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, so I thought I would put these to the test and see if they add anything to my routine. I shampooed, conditioned and wrapped a towel around my head. I made sure not to towel dry my hair as this can cause extra frizziness. I then applied the serum to my damp hair. The bottle advises one pump of the serum, however I know on my hair this won't touch the surface so I split my hair into three sections and apply one pump of serum to each section.

Now I wish I could say combining these products left my curls frizz free and gorgeous - they didn't. But then, to be fair the shampoo and conditioner isn't meant to be used for when you want to leave your hair curly. However, they did do what the name suggests, which is leave my hair beautiful and smooth once I had styled it.

Using straighteners, I start at the route and straighten the hair. When I get half way through the hair I twist the straighteners slightly to give a little shape to the ends of my hair. Having never used the shampoo and conditioner before I have to say it made styling my hair that little bit easier. I found I wasn't having to go over the same section over and over again and got that smoothness a lot quicker. What's also great about the shampoo and conditioner is that they also work like a treatment on the hair, so with continued use offer even more smoothness and frizz immunity, hence the name 'forever smooth'.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the results of adding the Forever Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner to my routine and think I might try the Dream Curls Shampoo and Conditioner for when I want to leave my hair natural. What is your hair type? Have you got any must have hair products you could suggest?

Amina xx

*PR sample. All opinions are my own.


Annie Qadeer said...

I have this exact same problem! As you know, lol. I use to use frizz ease back in the day but I've not ever tried not it again since mainly because I am using a lot of hair oils to tame the frizz. I use to find the frizz ease range too heavy for my hair but perhaps that's changed now xxx

Annie |

itsfelicia juliana said...

I love the frizz ease serum, I've used it for years. It can be do hard trying to achieve beautiful curls and not just a ball if frizz. Your hair looks fab xfjx

Kasie Sullivan said...

Omg your hair is gorgeous!! I used to always use
frizz ease years ago! I have really frizzy hair too,
Can't believe your after pics it looks so nice x

Ali and Her said...

Like I said in the post you might find one pump of the serum will be enough. My hair is so dry that it needs more. xx

Ali and Her said...

Thanks Felicia. I know what you mean about the curls. It kind of feels impossible for me at times! x

Ali and Her said...

I know it's quite a transformation! I like to leave it natural sometimes but would be lost without my frizz ease and GHD's! x

Charlotte Adele said...

you are so unbelievably stunning !!!! I cannot believe the before and after of your hair either !!! XXXXXX

Linda Libra Loca said...

I wish I had hair like yours, even in the before picture. Mine is straight and thin, but at least not prone to frizz.

Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

Ali and Her said...

Ow stahhhp! Lol thank you. Yes the before is quite something but I love the after!

Ali and Her said...

Mine can be a bit uncontrollable at times and the only way to control it is to get the straighteners out which can be quite damaging. You're so lucky you dont have frizz! X

SofiaaDot said...

I love John Frieda's anti-frizz stuff! I haven't tried any of these but I have tried a de-frizzing leave-in oil they had which I lovedddd!! Great post, your hair looks amazing! :D

xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

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