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Hey everyone,

I was recently sent the Pixi Retinol and Jasmine Collection* and thought I would share it with you as I know a lot of people may be interested, as Retinol is one of the many skin care products that has actually been proven to work on fine lines. Retinol is part of the Vitamin A family and it directly increases the production of collagen and cell turnover, hence giving you more youthful and even looking skin. If you are anywhere over the age of 25, it is definitely recommended as this is when the skin begins to mature. As I am currently breastfeeding, I am unable to use it in my routine and therefore unable to review it, so instead I thought I would give you a quick run down on what each product has to offer as this would be a great starting point if wanting to introduce retinol to your routine.

1. Retinol & Jasmine Cleanser (£18) - This cleanser is said to smoothe, brighten and hydrate the skin with the added help of jasmine and ceramides. It can be used daily and should reveal firmer looking skin. 

2. Retinol Tonic (£10/£18) - A product I used prior to getting pregnant. Contains botanicals and antioxidants to firm the skin and peptides to boost collagen production. Once skin is cleansed, apply all over face using a cotton pad but be careful to avoid eye area. This formula includes time-release retinol which is encapsulated, so works gradually over time rather than hitting the skin all at once, which even makes it suitable for sensitive skin. 

3. Retinol Eye Cream (£22) - Containing caffeine to depuff, this would make a perfect morning eye cream. Especially for those crows feet, it promises to smooth and refine those fine lines around the delicate eye area. Simply use the precise applicator to apply and pat in gently with a finger. Pixi also suggest using it similarly around the mouth and lip area which is a hot spot for wrinkles.

4. Jasmine Oil Blend (£26) - One of the only products from the range not containing Retinol, this oil is said to help skin that is lacking in moisture and is imbalanced.The Jasmine flower extract heals and balances, while the evening primrose boosts circulation. This can be used AM or PM but because it doesn't contain any retinol, it would make it perfect for an AM oil. 

5. Retinol Jasmine Lotion (£24) - contains antioxidants in the form of blackberry and biotin for long lasting effects. It is a smoothing moisturiser so should leave your skin feeling very soft and supple straight way. From testing the texture, it feels light enough to sink into the skin but still very moisturising at the same time. It can be used AM or PM.

6. Overnight Retinol Oil (£26) - This is one of the only products which is recommended to use only in the PM after cleansing and toning. Made to help smooth skin as well as helping with skin tone. This night oil should leave you with moisturised and plump skin in the morning by once again using time encapsulated ceramides.

As with any Retinol product, you must make sure you are consistently wearing SPF as they make your skin extremely sensitive to sunlight. You may also find skin flaking but this is due to the renewal of skin and the increase of cell turnover, so is considered normal. The amount of retinol in each of these products is very mild hence making it the perfect starting point in your retinol journey. Will you be trying anything from the collection?

Amina xx

*ad - gifted press samples. All opinions are my own.

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