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*AD - This post contains PR samples

Hi guys,

As you know I have been working with Dermalogica as a skinfluencer now for a couple of years and I have been lucky enough to try a range of their products, so I thought I would do a post which narrowed down some of my must have products. Dermalogica are a skin care brand which are held in high esteem as their products actually work and are suitable or all skin types. Their products are vegan and cruelty free. Before I worked with them I honestly thought their products were just for problematic skin but I was completely wrong. They have products for all skin types and ages. I recently had a Pro Skin 60 treatment at one of their flagship stores and it was honestly the most comprehensive facial I have ever had, completely customised to my skin and I can't wait to go back for another! Here are some of my favourite products I use at home.

Now even I am surprised by this choice as my holy grail used to be the Special Cleansing Gel and I would still recommend this for any of you who are new to Dermalogica and just want a good cleanse for normal skin. However more recently I can't get enough of my Ultra Calming Cleanser. Lockdown and quarantine have had my skin in all sorts of trouble recently so I have found myself reaching for this time and time again. If you're skin is more sensitive or if you are prone to a break out I would really recommend this for your skin. It has really helped reduce any redness or irritation I have been feeling recently.

A lovely toning mist that actively protects your skin from free radicals by creating an antioxidant shield.  It moisturises and keeps you skin hydrated. It helps to prevent the signs of ageing as it contains peptides, which reduce fine lines and increase the production of collagen.  I love that this can be sprayed directly onto the face and there is no need for cotton pads. It can also be used to just mist over the face through out the day to refresh makeup, or give you a quick burst of hydration on a hot day. I have found myself using this a lot recently as it is so convenient and quick to use and my skin is thanking me for it!

This daily exfoliator has become a firm favourite of mine. You may have read about my love for the Daily Microfoliant in previous posts, well think Daily Microfoliant's big sister.  It has slightly more impact and is perfect for ageing skin and is part o the Age Smart range which is fast becoming a favourite of mine. It is suitable for skin that may be oily as it has activated charcoal in it and Niacinamide for those pesky open pores. This can be used daily and really leaves my skin feeling so clean and resurfaced. Similar to the microfoliant you activate with water, turning it into a grainy paste and apply to the skin in circular motions. If you have ageing skin I would definitely recommend you try this. 

This serum is my holy grail and I would say if there was only one product you wanted to try it would have to be this. It has visibly reduced signs of ageing in my skin especially around my eye area. The amount of hydration in one pump of this is astounding, my skin is left feeling so plump and supple. The results are instant for me, I automatically see a revitalising effect. The serum is dual phase and pumps two serums that mix into one in your hands. It is made to lift and firm as it contains Biomimetic Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid which literally fills out any fine lines instantly. My skin is literally left looking bright and has a healthy glow every time I apply it. 

A lovely masque that just resets the skin. It is packed with goodness and anytime my skin is feeling lack lustre, or dry or is just in need of some TLC, one application of this seems to sort it out. It contains concentrated vitamins A, C and E and once washed off my skin feels so soft. I use this once a week and it is a little bit of luxury for my skin. What I love about Dermalogica products is that they give you long lasting effects too, the masque shields your skin from free radicals which are damaging and ageing. This is altogether a lovely nutrient rich cream masque.

I just couldn't do a favourite post without including the Biolumin C eye serum. I absolutely love it. Packed with vitamin C it brightens under eyes and I can vouch for this as I have an 8 month old! I have used this consistently for the 9 months and it just perks up my under eye area. I like to apply a hydrating cream on top for extra moisture as this is only a serum. It is potent enough to work wonders on your eye area but also uses natural Arjun tree and mushroom extracts as the eye area is a very delicate space. 

Another must have product has to be the Rapid Reveal Peel. This is an at home professional quality exfoliating treatment that will leave you with brand new skin, literally. It contains AHA's, Lactic acid and fermented plant enzymes that work together to give you a strong exfoliation. This is perfect to use weekly or even every other week. If your skin needs a complete transformation you can even use this for three days in a row to give your skin a fresh start. It completely resurfaces the skin and with continued use can help to combat signs of ageing. You will be left with radiant skin, I guarantee it. But remember to always use SPF after as skin will be extra sensitive to light. 

Before and After using Rapid Reveal Peel

8. Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30

The final product I'm going to be talking about has to be the Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30, an physical SPF that protects your skin from UVA, UVB and blue light. The product initially applies on quite thickly and is white in appearance however within five minutes of applying it completely disappears hence the name. It literally is invisible, there is absolutely no white residue left and no stickiness at all. As well as protecting your skin it also contains Mushroom Complex to help soothe and protect the skin from any redness that may be caused from the sun. For a physical SPF (i.e it actually creates a barrier to the UV rays and reflects them away as compared to a chemical SPF which absorbs the rays and converts them into heat), it is one of the best I have tried, I only wish it came in factor 50 too.

So this is my round up of my favourite and most used Dermalogica products. Have you tried any? What are your favourites?

Amina xx

*AD - Products are PR Samples. All opinions are my own.

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