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close up of potion paris perfume vial in case
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Hi guys,

This week I am showcasing an amazing new fragrance brand on the block, Potion Paris are a sustainable luxury fragrance brand who create cruelty free and toxin free fragrances derived from natural ingredients. Not only do they produce high quality fragrance they also look pretty too! Let me introduce you to a new sustainable fragrance concept of returning, refilling and repeating. As a sustainable brand Potion Paris are committed to helping the environment and reducing as much waste as possible, therefore their perfumes are built on the idea of having a vial where different fragrances can be interchanged. This then reduces waste on packaging but Potion Paris also reward you for returning used perfumes. 

potion paris packaging

potion paris Vial with perfume inserts

If you are stuck with what fragrance to choose you could always try their *Discovery Sample Set (£22.99) which contains samples of all fragrances and a £20 voucher so technically only costing you £2.99.  I personally can't say there is a scent I dislike and there is definitely something to suit everyone. All are luxurious is nature and contain very opulent ingredients such as peony, nutmeg, rose. My favourite had to be Temptation which contains top notes of Bergamot, Pomegranate and Peony with, Rose, Jasmine and Peach at its heart and base notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk, a warm scent which gives a vey comforting feeling when I apply it. Another favourite has to be Deception which has top notes of Ginger and Rose, with hearty notes of Jasmine and Tuber Rose and base notes of Patchouli and Musk. As you can tell from the ingredients it is quite floral in smell but very decadent.

Once you have decided on on which fragrance or fragrances you like, you can then buy your chosen *vial (£29.99) which will house your perfumes and interchange them for different occasions.  Two 20ml Eau de parfum fragrances cost £29.99 or you could even go for the whole collection of seven 10ml fragrances for £94.99. Potion Paris also offer starter sets which include the Vial as well as seven 10 ml fragrances, which are currently on an introductory offer of £99.99. 

hand holding Iconic black potion paris vial.

potion paris

Not only does the perfume have a vial to hold it,  the vial has its own case too making it perfect to travel with. So you are not just paying for the fragrance but for the whole aesthetic. The packaging gives me Loubotin vibes and would be a lovely addition to any dresser. It is perfect for gifting, and the lovely thing is it is the type of gift you could add to, buying a different fragrance for different occasions for example.  I could see myself with no other perfumes but this, pride of place on my mantel showcasing the vial like it has the secret to life (have you ever watched the film Death Becomes Her? Great film, and totally reminds me of it!).

potion paris

potion paris

One thing I was surprised about was the fact the Potion Paris vial is made from Plastic, at first glance this is fine but on closer inspection makes the bottle seem a little less extravagant, however I can understand this probably makes it safer in that you can avoid any breakages that might be caused by dropping it. I love the fact that Potion Paris are committed to sustainability and that is why for every set sold a tree is planted. They have carefully chosen sustainable ingredients that are ethically sourced and customers are encouraged to return empty vials so they can be reused and in return are rewarded by being given a free fragrance, which I think is a great initiative. Overall a great olfactory experience that I highly recommend.

Amina xx

*AD PR SAMPLE. All opinions are my own.

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