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Hi guys,

This week I am bringing to you some of my favourite masks. For the past five years I have used masks weekly. Depending on how my skin is feeling and what type of mood I'm in, I like to go to my bathroom cabinet and select the perfect mask for me. Sometimes it might be just for a little bit of indulgence, but sometimes it is to tackle a particular need such as a build up of oil or if my skin is in need of hydration. Masks can really work wonders in helping restore your skin and I have found doing it weekly, if not more sometimes, has really been beneficial. So in no particular order here are some of my favourites!

1. *Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque (£49, 75ml)

Part of their Age smart range, the multivitamin power recovery masque is literally the one mask you need that covers all bases. I don't think there is one thing this doesn't target. It targets, dull, dry, ageing, lack lustre skin and will totally restore your skin back to how it should be. If in doubt I always end up using this masque just because no matter what it leaves my skin feeling, brighter, hydrated and healthier in general. It is packed with vitamins A, C, and E, hence the name and they all work together to enhance the skin's barrier. Long term this masque will make your skin more resilient and you will notice results from the first time you use it.

Dermalogica multivitamin mask, Oskia renaissance mask, TBS himalayan mask

2. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask (£18, 75ml)

This mask is a classic for me. It was one of the first products that really got me into masking regularly. The reason I love it so much is that it works fantastically well with oily skin by drawing out all the excess oils. It is called the glow mask because it literally leaves your skin glowing. After use my skin is radiant, refreshed and completely oil free. This is the mask I use the night before a big event because I know my skin will be left looking perfect. It can be a bit messy applying and removing, however I love the tingly cool feel it gives. For an extra bit of exfoliation you can even rub the mask into your skin before removing. I would say avoid this if your skin is sensitive as it is quite powerful, and if you are unsure maybe do a patch test first. I have bought this mask numerous times and will continue to do so as it doesn't break the bank and gives instant results. 

3. *Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask (£26.99, 75ml)

A brand you would have heard me talk about before on the blog here. I love every product I have tried from this brand. I only started using this mask recently and was surprisingly impressed by the results it gives me. It contains Manuka honey which is native to New Zealand and has many health benefits. In particular for your skin it is known to have antibacterial properties, therefore the mask actually tingles when you apply. It is a luxurious mask leaving my skin feeling very hydrated. It also acts as a cleanser so your skin is left feeling clean but moisturised at the same time. It is perfect to use when your skin is feeling a little bit irritable or you are having an outbreak as it will calm and soothe. This mask is a must in my routine and I find myself constantly being drawn towards it because of its ease of use and effectiveness. In addition to this using Antipodes products always makes me feel good as they are sustainable products, the aluminium tube is recyclable and arrives in recyclable packaging too!

Beki Beauti mask and Antipodes Aura mask

4. Oskia Renaissance Mask (£60, 50ml)

You may have noticed this is the priciest of all masks and honestly this is a very indulgent product. I actually asked for this as a birthday gift, so it really is a product you need for the ultimate pamper. The renaissance mask is quite unique as when you first apply it it feels like a thick gel like texture, the smell is so delicious you honestly want to eat the product. After 10 minutes you are encouraged to then rub the mask into the skin, which turns the gel into more of a white milk-like texture. I then leave for another 10 minutes. The mask contains natural fruit acids which promote cell renewal as well as lactic acid which will also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Skin is literally left looking more plump, radiant and smoother. I really do find myself saving this one and using it when I am really in need of some TLC as it is so indulgent.

5. *Beki Beauty Detoxifying Pink Clay Mask ( £14, 120g)

A great detoxifying clay mask containing Kaolin clay to absorb any excess oil, vitamin E which soothes the skin, Pomegranate and Mangosteen which are known to boost cell production, witch hazel to soothe the skin and kelp to leave the skin smoothe. Just by looking at the ingredients you can see what kind of high quality product this is. Once applied the rose infusion just takes over and instantly puts me in a great mood. The consistency is thick and creamy, once again giving a luxurious effect. Once removed skin is left feeling hydrated, supple and bursting with bounce. This is a bargain product with high quality ingredients that I will use time and time again. 

This wraps up my top 5 masks. I absolutely love them and feel like with these five there is something to target whatever skin concern I might have. I would love to hear any of your favourites below.

Amina xx

* PR sample. All opinions are my own.

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