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 Hi Guys,

This week, I thought I would bring some products to you that I have been using to improve my general health and well-being during Winter. I always struggle in the Winter months with it being so cold and the days being so short, the lack of sunlight really effects my mood. The more aware of this I have become, the more I have started to introduce little things to help me with it. 

First up, I have definitely been introducing more water into my routine lately. And thanks to my *Be Water glass bottle, I found I have upped my intake. The bottle contains Citrine gemstone crystals, which are supposed to encourage joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. Physically, it also aids detoxification of the mind, body and spirit. However saying that, I'm not sure it has promoted those within myself, but it has definitely encouraged me to drink more water, which I have found beneficial. I love how the bottle looks, it is so aesthetically pleasing and definitely a talking point. The bottles come in a range of crystals and each have different things they energise. Increasing in my water consumption is a great achievement for me and I think it may have something to do with the fact the bottle is glass, water just tastes better in glass!

health and wellness products

I have also been using the Ila Apothecary Beat the Blue Room spray. I was introduced to this brand at a Holland & Barrett event and love everything they stand for. They use 100% natural products and combine herbology, naturopathy and homeopathy to produce strong and impactful products. The Beat The Blue Room spray is award winning and does exactly that. It is like an atmosphere in a bottle. One spray of this potent formula instantly uplifts a room. It uses clary sage, rose geranium and tuberose to completely cleanse a room, creating a peaceful and happy atmosphere. I use this mainly on those really dull and dreary grey-sky days and it works every time to just lift my mood a little.

health and wellness products

Something else that I have found beneficial is the *Neuro Skin Feeds Micro Oil. I have found myself creating a ritual of self-care using this product. Once again, the scent which hits you first is instantly comforting but I have also been giving myself 5 minutes each day to massage this into my skin. It has been my daily pamper session, leaving me feeling very calm and relaxed with the added benefit of hydrated, plump and firmer looking skin. The oil contains ingredients that contain tryptophan, which is a precursor to serotonin (the neurotransmitter responsible for stress relief). This has been a great addition to my routine. I really enjoy using it.

Essential oils can also make a big difference to mood as they actually enter the blood stream. I have been using the Scentered Aromatherapy Mini Balms to help, depending on the mood I'm in. This particular set has five balms with each containing up to 25 essential oils in them. They are named, happy, sleep-well, de-stress, focus and escape depending on the mood you are in and the idea is you rub the balm on specific pulse points. Think of them as a little tool kit if you will, they are small enough to be portable and any time in the day when I may be feeling a certain way, it can just be discretely pulled out and applied. I usually feel the effects within a couple of hours of applying and they have made a big difference to my mood the last few months. 

vegan life beauty glow vitamins

Finally, I have noticed the biggest difference by taking vitamins. Mainly Vitamin D, as I know I am deficient in it, as are most of the UK due to lack of sunlight during these months. The trick with Vitamin D is to start it a few months before you will actually need it, so I have been taking vitamin D since the Summer and have felt as though this year I don't feel as down as I usually do. My skin has also been in much better condition than it usually is in, in these cold winter months.  With the harsh heat from the radiators, it is usually quite dry and chapped. I have also introduced taking *Naturopathica Vegan Life Beauty Glow vitamins, which contain vitamin C, rosehip extract as well as a whole host of other ingredients, which are great for the skin. 

I have heard about the benefits of light therapy during these months, SAD lamps are also supposed to help with the lack of light however I am yet to try. Currently, I feel like my health and wellbeing has improved significantly using these products, however in the future I may consider also purchasing a lamp. I would love to hear any of your recommendations for how to improve health and wellbeing during the Winter months in the comments.

Amina xx

*contains PR samples. All opinions are my own. 

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