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Recently I have been making fantastic progress with Lana's sleep routine and after having three kids I thought I would share some of my tried and tested tips that have worked for me. Every baby os differentiations, and with all three of mine their sleep habits have been different to some extent. But these are just a few tricks I have learnt along the way. One think I will say is that sleep makes the biggest difference to my life as a parent. Therefore doing what you can to help put in place healthier and better sleeping habits as early as possible will be beneficial, as once those habits form, they begin to become effortless (kind of!).

But how do you reach that point? That’s what we’re going to discuss today, so read on now if you want to find out about the steps you can take to start putting in place better sleeping habits for your baby.

Keep Things Bright and Active During the Day

First of all, you should try to put in place the right activities and environment during the day. When you do more to ensure your child is active and tired out during the day, you’ll find that they sleep better at night. This starts with the light. They’ll be less sleepy during daytime hours if you open the curtains and let the natural light in. But what is even better is simply to head out and get some fresh air with them too. Going to the park , or local baby group will make the world of difference as baby's mind and body will both get the stimulation they need in turn making baba more exhausted!

Create a Dark and Quiet Environment for Sleeping

Of course, you want to create the opposite kind of environment when the time comes to put your baby to bed. You want the room to be dark and not have any distracting or flashing lights. Even small lights from electronics should be removed from the room if you want to create the most peaceful living space possible for your child. You should also do what you can to make the environment as quiet as it possibly can be. Using a black out blind has helped me in the summer when the sun sets later.

Develop a Schedule for the Evening

Having a good schedule in place in the evening leading up to bedtime can be a good idea as well. When you do this, you give them the chance to wind down and prepare for bed. It’s part of creating habits and routines that’ll stick for a long time to come. If you can keep things consistent as possible, your child will come to expect those same things to happen over and over again. And that’s just what you want. Personally I stop any kind of visual stimulation (toys, tv) an hour before bed. Instead, giving them a warm bath really helps to soothe and promote a healthy sleep routine.

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Get the Temperature in the Room Right

Getting the temperature of the room just right is another thing you should try to pay attention to. You don’t want it to be too warm or too cold, and this matters from a safety point of view and a comfort point of view. If you want them to sleep well and consistently through the night, you’ll need them to be as comfortable as they can be. There are many things you can get to help with this including a room thermometer and even the right tog bedding or sleep suit.

Make the Move Out of Your Room at the Right Time

There needs to be some sort of progression when it comes to moving your child into their own room. The task of how to decide when to stop sharing a room with your baby can be a tough one, but there’s guidance out there and you should seek advice from your GP or health visitor too. Making the move at the right time will help them to start getting used to having their own space and not always sleeping close to you. Personally as I have had more kids I have found the earlier you make this move, the better as the child won't know any better! I actually moved Lana into her own room from three months!

Help Your Baby to Fall Asleep Independently

It can be so tempting to hold you baby to sleep. We have all done it. Helping your baby to fall asleep independently is something that you’ll definitely need to practise. When they get into the habit of doing this and not needing you nearby before they fall asleep, it makes your life a lot easier. It means that you can get more sleep and have more time to yourself as a parent in the evening as well, which is so important. Self soothing can take time but once you child has the hang of it they will literally be having the best night's sleep.

Don’t Let Them Go to Bed Hungry

It sounds obvious but it’s usually not a good idea to send your baby to bed without first feeding them. You’ll want to make sure that they’re full and content, otherwise they’ll be waking up sooner than you want them to wanting and expecting more food. That’s not conducive to creating a good bedtime routine that works for them or you, so try to feed them just before however try not to let them fall asleep whilst feeding as this can lead to them forming a bad habit. The trick is to try and get them to sleep just after they have fed.

Those are just a few tips to start off with. Remember good sleeping habits take little time to form, and it’s up to you to find the approach that seems to work best for your baby. But if you’re struggling and don’t know where to start, each of the ideas we’ve discussed above will offer you a great starting point. Every baby is totally different so remember to be kind to yourself. Consistency is key but don't be so harsh on yourself as there is always a growth spurt around the corner which will turn your routine upside down!

Amina xx

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