5 Essential Techniques For Establishing a Hair Routine


With so much information about haircare out there, it’s hard not to think that if you followed every single piece of advice, treating your hair is all you would ever do.

When we walk into our local shop or browse hair products online, all brands suggest that their product is essential and worthwhile to use, but over treatment can cause damage, thinning, or even shedding of hair. 

Picking and choosing the best course of action, one right for you, is the most important step to take. This can ensure that from now into the future, you always have a designed treatment plan to rely on. While there are essential considerations to avoid, such as knowing how over-dying your hair can lead to damage, a plan that seeks to nourish and protect is most important.

So, let’s consider how you might achieve such an aim. Let’s talk about how to design the right hair-care plan for you.

Consider Your Hair Type

It’s important to consider your personal hair type and what it represents. For instance, you may be better off only using products that are suitable for straight, wavy, curly or afro hair.

Additionally, it’s worth considering if you have any conditions that need treatment, such as attending to dandruff, or perhaps using caffeine-based regrowth formulas that encourage a healthy scalp and for thinning hair to regrow.

Additionally, colour may also have an effect on how you treat your hair. If artificially coloured you may need more treatments to help retain the colour while nourishing your hair. There are also colour enhancers, such as if you have red tones in your dark hair, green shampoo may be better suited to you. I hear you ask, “what is green shampoo?”, it is similar to purple shampoo, using colour from the opposite end of the spectrum to your hair colour can help to brighten and make it more vivd and consistent in shade.

One’s haircare plan may not fit comfortably in the schedule of another, so if you can, try to experiment with new products, and adapt advice you see online or from friends to your own tastes.

Consider Your Treatment Intentions

Many people have very clear guidelines for what they hope their haircare schedule accomplishes or maintains, and it’s important for us to focus on that, too. For instance, restoring damaged hair after time in the sun; such as sticking to a sulfate-free shampoo, rinsing with cool water, and trying aloe-vera based products to restore its vitality will make a direct and major difference.

Perhaps your hair is incredibly frizzy and requires certain products to help it become more manageable in the morning. Attempting not to over-shampoo is important for this. Protecting hair from humidity by using hair serum can also help coat it with a protective layer while retaining its shine.

In some cases, it’s not just about the hair products you directly use, but how you foster the rest of your dietary intake that matters. Taking an omega-3 supplement is known to improve scalp health, to use an example.

Consider Your Hair Care Schedule

Not all routines are built alike, and from time to time we may have to make concessions or adapt our product usage in order to ensure the best result. Most people recommend that you don’t over-wash your hair, instead encouraging a cycling schedule of two to three days between washing and treatments. For particularly dry hair you may even be advised to wash only once a week.

Depending on the life you lead, you may also need to change when you have the time to properly wash and dry your hair. This might be in the mornings on the weekends, but in the late evenings during the week. The essential component here is consistency, so don’t worry if you need to miss a day or adjust the time in which you care for it.

Consider The Advice Of Your Salon Professional

You might find that direct professional guidance can help you more easily cultivate a hair care routine. Asking your salon professional which products they’d recommend to maintain your hair, particularly after a new style or coloring can help you take impartial pointers regarding how to maximize your approach.

Your Lifestyle Influences Your Haircare Approach

It’s also good to recognize that often, our lifestyle influences our hair’s condition, perhaps more significantly than we’d like to admit.

For instance, a zinc deficiency is known to cause hair to shed, and taking a supplement for it, eating more vegetables, fruits, or leafy green salads can have a positive effect. Eating more protein via fish, meat or vegan substitutes can also impact hair and scalp health for the better.

Careful brushing with the right comb for your particular hair thickness will also help you maintain it between washes, and cleaning small accessories you use to wear your hair up will also have a positive effect. If experiencing exposure to the elements, such as standing in the rain or diving into a pool using chlorine cleaner, then scheduling a proper washing session later on that day may be appropriate.

With this advice, you’ll understand how to properly follow the best haircare plan for your hair.

Amina xx

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