Dermalogica's NEW Circular Hydration Serum!


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Hydration is so important when it comes to the skin's health. When the skin lacks water we can experience, dryness, flakiness, rough texture, and even oiliness and congested skin that breaks out.

For the skin to work correctly it relies on adequate moisture on all levels. If we don't have this it impacts the renewal process of the skin. The enzymes that are created to help shed the skin don't get produced and we hold onto the dead skin which results in our skin looking more dull. If you are losing water and moisture you are probably also letting bad toxins in.

Introducing Dermalogica's NEW Circular Hydration Serum (£55). This is fantastic for all skin types and gives the skin a healthy barrier. It is a long-lasting serum that floods the skin with hydration down to the deepest levels.  It is packed with Hyaluronic Acid which penetrates the skin deeply to reveal more supple and radiant skin over time. 

Everyone has a moisture cycle and water will evaporate from the skin into the atmosphere. What we want to do is prevent this moisture loss from happening. We can do this through diet and drinking lots of water and food with lot of water in such as broccoli, cucumber, watermelon etc but you still suffer with skin dehydration. We can get moisture externally, for example if there is water in the environment. but there's things that reduce this such as the heating being on or humidity in the air. But what the Circular Hydration Serum offers is consistency.

There's a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is a skin condition that lacks moisture and water and is caused by various internal and external factors. Whereas dry skin is a genetic condition where the skin can lack lipids and oils. Skin type is something you are born with and dehydration is a condition of your skin. Dry skin lacks oil, dehydrated skin lacks water. 

If your skin is oily it can be a symptom of dehydrated skin as you skin produces excess oil. A new way to hydrate your skin is using the Circular Hydration Serum. It immediately floods your skin with the essential hydration it needs. It restores your skin's depleted hydration levels from within and helps prevents future dehydration. This product is something that should be used every day to prevent dehydration. It will give you an adequate and consistent solution.

The Circular Hydration Serum is better than your standard hyaluronic serums because Dermalogica wanted to advance the hydration cycle. Not only does it immediately flood your skin with hydration (the texture is cushioning and plumping on the skin without leaving any residue) but it also helps to restore the depleted hydration levels and prevent future dehydration. It fortifies the moisture barrier. 

To deliver the serum is a low and high weight molecular ingredient that can penetrate into the skin but also sit on the surface. Theres amino acid molecules which are very similar to your skins natural moisturising molecules. It also stimulates the skin to produce its own hydration, a low molecular weight polyglutomic acid a swell as some plant derived acids. 

The cycle of hydration is enhanced by the fact the skin is flooded with hydration but also continually producing its own hydration so the cycle doesn't end. This product has given me constantly hydrated and plump skin and I am not looking back. The results speak for themselves!

Head to where you can assess your own skin and see if the serum is right for you!

Amina xx

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