5 Tips to help beat the Winter Blues


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As Autumn/Winter is very quickly approaching there is a need to stock up on some essentials to keep us happy and healthy over this colder period. Even within the last few weeks I have started to feel a sudden drop in temperature and with that my mood has started to plummet. Over the past five years I have noticed this becoming stronger, but the more aware I am the more I am able to control it. Some people call it Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) where you can actually become depressed during this time. I believe this is what can cause my mood to become very low during the colder months but there are definitely some ways to help, which I have been perfecting over the last few years. Here are some of my tips and tricks in order to avoid these winter blues. (Scroll to bottom for quick access to product links.)

1. Take a Multi Vitamin including Vitamin D

During the months from November to February in the UK there is not enough sunlight for our bodies to absorb vitamin D. This can often lead to people becoming deficient in this over the colder months which can lead to a whole host of side effects, such as low mood and aching bones. Therefore taking a good multi vitamin or additional Vitamin D is a must. In particular I like to use the Better You Vitamin D which is easy to use and comes in spray form. I also love the Nature's Way Alive Women's Energy Multi Vitamin which comes in chewable form. They are really tasty and I find having them in non tablet form makes me more likely to take them. I have found my energy levels and mood significantly improve when I use these consistently. 

2. Use a SAD lamp

Because of the lack of sunlight this can have a direct effect on the way we feel. Therefore you can give yourself light therapy by simply looking at a strong light. SAD lamps have specifically been made to be the correct brightness to target the blues. Yo can also get lamps that help to wake up in the morning. Have you ever found the dark mornings in the evening so incredibly hard to wake up too? Well same. But that's until I purchased a SAD lamp which I could time to slowly light up in time for my waking time. Therefore mimicking sunrise and making it easier to wake up. These are a must have if you struggle in the mornings and really do help to beat those blues.

3. Eat vitamin rich foods

As well as getting what you need through multi vitamins you can also eat certain foods to help your mood based on what your body needs. For example foods rich in folic acid such as sunflower seeds, lentils and oranges can all help to increase serotonin which is the 'happy' neurotransmitter. Low levels of B-12 are also associated with depression therefore eating foods high in this is beneficial, such as salmon, eggs and crab. As discussed earlier Vitamin D is another important vitamin our body needs which we can also get from mushrooms! Finally treat yourself to some dark chocolate. High cocoa chocolate can help to improve mood due to their anti oxidant content.

4. Stay Warm

I don't know about you but feeling cold constantly in the winter really gets me down. Especially when I am sitting watching tv on an evening. Because I am not moving my body gets cold very quickly. I would usually have few water bottles around me however last year I had a really bad burn after trying to fill one up with stiff hands and my sister bought me a heated electric cushion and I have never looked back. I get very stiff hands during the winter and this also provides therapy for them. I can snuggle in the sofa with a blanket and have my cushion on with my hands on top and it instantly warms me up. Plus I love how instantaneous the heat is. No having to wait for the kettle to boil just quick heat when you need it. It also has different heat settings so you can get the perfect temperature each time. I think I will be buying a heated mat next to put into my bed or on the sofa. This will also be amazing for my back pain or when I'm working from home.

5. Make exciting plants

One thing that has also helped me during these months is to make sure I have exciting plans booked in. Whether it be a meal with friends or a day trip with the kids. Planning my months well ahead keeps me feeling good as I always have something to look forward to when I am feeling down. This is such a simple thing but really effective. 

I know this winter is going to be a tough one but I am bracing myself and trying to get a step ahead on my physical and mental health so I am best equipped to deal with whatever these next few months throw my way!

Amina xx

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