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Now the holidays are over and Autumn is in sight it is time to start thinking about ourselves again! As a busy mum, it is hard to find time to focus on yourself, as your days are spent running around after the kids and putting their needs first. Being a parent is an important job, so it is only natural you want to prioritise taking care of your children’s needs. However, now and then, you may find you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and feel like you do not recognise the person staring back at you. It is easy to lose your sense of self when you are a parent, as your priorities tend to shift elsewhere. So, carving out a little time for yourself now and then where you can focus solely on yourself is crucial. Using this time to do all the things that make you feel great is a good idea, and choosing something with a continued impact on how you feel about yourself is the best way to enjoy continued benefits from your me-time.

Autumn is often the perfect time for busy mums to freshen up their style. Not only is the weather changing at this time, but it also brings a slight chill in the air and the chance to pack away those summer clothes until next year. But, the arrival of autumn also means the kids head back to school, and you no longer need to deal with the craziness of keeping the kids entertained over the summer holidays. If you are wondering where to get started on freshening up your style for autumn, these 3 quick tips should be a great starting point:

Re-Think Your MakeUp

Playing around with makeup is an effective way to freshen up your style and create an entirely new look for yourself, and also one of the most fun. Trying out different colours and different formulations can make a massive difference and help boost your confidence at the same time. Put away the corals and pink and try to pick out deeper colours like burgundy and mauve. For a on-trend Autumn makeup look click here.

Express Yourself

Expressing your personality through your style is an excellent way to feel more like you every day. I recently got some some new ear piercings and have considered nose piercings before. Reclaiming your individuality is a great place to begin. A piercing is a simple, relatively cheap but effective way of expressing yourself. Booking in and getting your piercing done at a reputable salon is a must though to avoid possible complications. Once your piercing has healed, you may want to swap your nose or ear stud for something that better expresses your sense of style, such as the perfect gold ring instead.  

Refresh Your Wardrobe          

Clearing out your summer clothes and packing them away for another year is the perfect time to reassess your wardrobe and ensure that it is only full of clothes you love to wear. If you have items that do not make you feel great, then now is the time to get rid of them and start reacquainting yourself with the clothes that make you feel fantastic. This may also be the excuse you need to hit the shops in search of some new clothes to freshen up your style, but remember to be mindful of fast fashion. Be sure to rummage through your local vintage store or charity shop for some great second hand finds.

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