Thursday, 29 September 2016

Autumn Make-up look

Hi Guys,

Autumn is upon us and I'm loving it! My summer wardrobe is well and truly at the back of the closet and my autumn essentials are at the forefront. I'm enjoying the fact I can start to get cosy, and have even pulled the blanket out on a couple of occasions. What I am not enjoying though are the dark mornings! Is it just me or is it 100 times harder to get up in the morning?! This week I have decided to do an autumn make-up look for you using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (£41), which was kindly bought for me as birthday gift (lucky me!).

The Modern Renaissance palette has become a cult favourite for make-up lovers and beauty bloggers everywhere. And it's easy to see why. The colours are just gorgeous and perfect for autumn. What's more, after using the eyeshadows, which are my first ABH purchases, I can well and truly say the quality and pigment in these are some of the best I have used! 

To get this eye look I lightly dabbed the ABH brush that is given with the palette, into 'Realgar' and blended through the crease of my eye and slightly higher moving towards the brow. When I say lightly, I mean very lightly. When going for the blended look it is really important to not add too much product to the brush. In fact, the less the better. Slowly building up the colour gives a more flawless finish. I then built on the colour by adding 'Venetian Red' over the top but not as high as Realgar. Then to add depth in the crease I blended through with 'Red Ochre'. Finally I added 'Cyprus Umber' directly on the crease. These are all applied one on top of the other gradually using a finer brush so the colours build up.

To the lid I then applied the colour 'Warm Taupe' and then layered 'Burnt Orange' over the top. For the lower lash line I blended through with 'Realgar' and 'love letter' to add a bit of colour. I finally added 'Primavera' to the inner corner and brow bone. All colours used were a matte with the exception of Primavera, which is a shimmer. I love using matte colours over the autumn and winter months and a dab of shine just makes the colours pop. I finally applied my liquid liner and Nouveau strip Lashes in 'Natural Style 2' (£4.95). On the cheeks I added Barry M 'Chisel Cheeks Contour' in the medium colour as I wanted the focus on the eye. The lip colour is MAC 'Spice' lip liner as I find the lipstick too dark. Add a bit of highlight and you are ready to go!

And that's all for this week folks. I hope you liked the make-up look and would love to hear your thoughts on it. Do you think you will be trying it? Do you have the ABH palette? 

Amina xx


Annie Qadeer said...

I love this palette so much! You created a gorgeous look xx

Sophia Young said...

This look is amazing! I always worry about applying reds to the eye as it can look sore but you've made it modern & glamorous!

Ali and Her said...

It has definitely become one of my fave palettes. So easy to use and a great range of colours x

Ali and Her said...

Thank you xx When all the colours mix the overall look came out more orangey than expected. I love the pinky shades though so will definitely be using these! xx

Lindsay Murrell said...

I love this palette, it's quickly become one of my favourites!

L xo

Ali and Her said...

Mine too! I can't imagine life without it! Lol xx

Sabah said...

I love this look on you! The colours really suit you!
I don't have an ABH palette yet, but my Sleek and MUA palettes work well for me.
Thanks for sharing!

Sabah ||

Halima Khan said...

This look is so, so gorgeous! I do feel the ABH palette was made for desis! I haven't purchased it though as I feel it's similar to Lime Crime's Venus Grunge palette which I have.


Ali and Her said...

Thanks Sabah! I haven't tried MUA yet must give them a go!

Ali and Her said...

If you already have the colours then it's not worth it. I'm not one to buy into hype. I wait a few months to see if I really want something. But I have to say the quality of the eyeshadow is really amazing not just the colour so worth the purchase! Thanks for commenting! Xx

kayleigh Zara said...

I have the palette but I'm yet to try it out! Your eyes look amazing in it love the orange X

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!

Shannon //

Keren-Happuch said...

This is beautiful Amina 😍😍

Ali and Her said...

Thank you Kayleigh, Shannon and Keren. You are all so lovely! Xx

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