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Hi Guys,

So in this week's post I am sharing with you quite a bold lip look. And it includes glitter! With Pat McGrath (make-up artist to the stars, if you didn't know) releasing her 'Lust 004' Glitter lip collections I just had to have a go myself. I love all things glitter and incorporate it into quite a lot of my make-up looks but rarely on the lips. This is a daring, but very wearable lip and I can't wait to share it with you! For a close-up video of the final look be sure to check out my Instagram (aminaali_mua).

To start off, I always moisturise my lips by applying a lip balm like Suqqu lip essence cream (£35) or MAC Prep + Prime Lip (£13.50). This just makes sure those lips are soft and creaseless. Once moisturised, I then applied a flesh coloured lip liner (slightly darker than my lip colour) to enhance the shape of my lips and even them out. 

Some key products I used.
Next I applied a lip liner in red, as this is the colour lip I was opting for. I applied the liner all over the lip as a base.

I then applied my lipstick base. When choosing the lipstick base make sure you pick a lipstick that is slightly deeper in shade than the glitter colour. This ensures the glitters stands out. I wanted a bold red so I opted for Ingot '416' . This is a deep berry shade but I just knew the red glitter would pop on it.

Finally for the glitter I used Eye Kandy Cosmetics Glitter in 'Candy Apple' (£5.71). I got these from my IMATS haul (read about it here). I used their 'liquid sugar' solution first and applied to the lip. Once I could feel this was going sticky, I the patted the glitter on using the brush that I got with the glitters. It is really important to pat the glitter on and not swipe as this gives maximum impact without removing any of the lipstick. There are also a variety of other glitters you could use such as NYX glitters. They also sell a glitter primer so these lips are easily achievable.

I then neatened around the edges with a detailer brush and some concealer.  Finally I added some highlight to my cupid's bow.

I thought the perfect look to match the lip was a smokey eye. If you'd like to know how to create the perfect smokey eye then let me know in the comments below and maybe I could do a post on it. Let me know your thoughts on the lip too! Will you be trying it?

Amina xx

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  1. This is such an amazing look! I love anything that glitters! I'm a magpie! You look stunning!

    1. Thankyou Sophia! I am exactly the same! I would wear it everday if I could!
      Amina xx

  2. I saw this on your snapchat! You were so excited when you showed this off. Haha. I think you pulled it off; suits you!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Sabah ||

  3. Just discovered your blog today and I love it 💞

    Poppy Mayy

    1. Thank you Poppy! So nice to hear your positive feedback! Xx


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