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Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing great. As you may have seen from my Twitter and Instagram (@Aminaali_mua) I have recently become a Coconut Queen. No, this doesn't involve me wearing a coconut crown (even though I wish it did), but what it does mean is that I am a brand ambassador for So I thought I would take the opportunity to explain a little bit about the brand. I'm also going to share a sneak peak of an exclusive new product that only Coconut Queens have had the privilege of seeing and a 20% discount code to save you money when you decide to purchase... because you will be purchasing. Believe me it's too hard to resist!

Coconut Lane is all about accessories, from homeware to jewellery and everything in between. The products have a very chic yet playful vibe to them and I can imagine them being worn by the likes of the Jenners and Hadids. The best thing about them is that the prices are very affordable!

Something else that drew me towards Coconut Lane is the fact that it is a business that has been put together by two very savvy bloggers who promote femininity and all things Girl Boss *hair flick* (see their post on 8 ways to become a #GirlBoss) Who doesn't love a bit of female empowerment?! *Cue Destiny's Child Independent Woman*

I recently purchased a few items myself including their Dream Cali sunglasses (£21), Moon & Star earrings (£9), BFF bracelet set (£22) and Hologram phone case (£10) all of which have had a number of complimentary comments made about them. What I like about their products is that you can tell they have been carefully selected to fit in with the brand and because of this they are not products that you can just get on the high street. The products overall are of good quality, although I will warn those of you that have sensitive ears like me (seriously you only have to touch them for them to go red) that perhaps their earrings may not be for you, as not all of them are real gold/silver. However you have more than enough choice to spoil yourself with something else!

Moon & Star Earrings

BFF Bracelet Set

Hologram Phone Case

What is definitely on my wish list, but hasn't even been released for sale yet, is this gorgeous Macbook case! So keep you eyes peeled as I'm sure it will be selling out pretty quick!

Other products on my wishlist include:

Their Emoji sticker sheet (£2)
Their 'Wing it' wall art (£6)

I'm really pleased I discovered this site. Not only are their products fab for splurging on yourself, but if you struggle to shop for presents, there's lots of stuff on there that would make perfect gifts for family or BFFs. Also, as mentioned, I have a 20% discount code for all of you to save money on your purchases! Use code 'ALIANDHER20' - you can thank me later!

Have you ever purchased from before? What did you buy?

Amina xx

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