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Hi Everyone, 

This week I am reviewing Korean Cotton Sheet Masks. If you haven't heard of these before they are similar to your standard face masks however, instead of applying a clay, there is an enriched sheet  which is applied directly to the face. It leaves you looking a bit like Jason from the Halloween films (google it), but if it is going to make my skin gleam, I'll do anything! Don't quote me on that. 

Korean beauty and skincare has blown up recently. With brands like Sephora having a specific 'Korean Skincare' section on their website, it seems as if there must be something behind the hype. You only have to look at some of the products and you are drawn in straightaway just by the packaging.  I was really intrigued to see what all the fuss was about, so I decided to contact B Beauty Ltd who sell a variety of different sheet masks tailored to different skin requirements, and asked them if I could try some out.

I was sent the *Ceramide sheet mask, which is particularly good for nutrition, hydration and softening and the *Jojoba Oil mask which also moisturises. B Beauty also sell other masks such as the Papaya face mask which is great for brightening and purifying, but the one that has me most intrigued is the Snail mask, which is said to improve elasticity. I'm now regretting saying I would put anything on my skin if it was going to improve it! All masks retail at a reasonable £2.49.

Before applying the mask you are instructed to cleanse and tone the skin. When you take the mask out of the packaging it is all folded up and the texture can only be explained as slimy, but in a good way. Once you have opened the mask out, you then apply this to the face. It has purposefully been designed to fit the contours of your face so no part of it is missed out. The sheet is actually made from pure cotton and is paraben, preservative and alcohol free, so is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Once applied you then wait for half an hour and remove the mask. I could tell it was time to take the mask off as all the product had been absorbed into my skin leaving the mask feeling dry. What I particularly liked was that there was no mess. Once you take the mask off, you throw it in the bin and your done. You don't have to rinse it off, you can just leave your skin to carry on absorbing it.

WARNING: Make-up free pictures to follow. If you are sensitive to make-up free selfies avert your eyes now!



The mask left my skin feeling highly moisturised and soft to touch. It is definitely something I can see myself adding to my skincare routine, maybe once or twice a week.  I will definitely be purchasing more - I might try the Diamond mask next which is great for vibrance, clarity and smoothing the skin. I think this may be the start of my Korean beauty obsession. I already have my eye on some quirky cosmetics!

Have you ever tried sheet masks? Have you got any recommendations for any other Korean beauty must haves? Comment below!

Amina xx

*PR sample - all opinions are my own.

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