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Now, everyone knows one of the biggest nuisances with make-up is the removal. Come on, we've all done it. Get in from a late night and forget to remove our make-up, or pull the wet wipes out and given those eyes a good rub only to come out looking like a panda. The right way to do it is, obviously, to use a make-up remover and cleanser on a cotton pad so you don't damage your skin. But sometimes it just feels like too much effort.

So when I heard about the *Magic Facial Mitt (£4.99) I just had to give it a go. I mean anything with the word 'magic' in it just automatically grabs my attention and if it's going to make my life easier and get me into bed quicker, then why not?

The mitt is a micro-fibre cloth that removes make-up using water only. I have to say I was expecting big things with this glove, especially as it is 'magical' but was left feeling a bit indifferent initially. I added water to the glove and started to wipe away but had to really rub my face and eye make-up quite a few times. I half expected it to remove the make-up with the first wipe, but this wasn't the case. HOWEVER after a few washes it did remove my make-up.

What then hit me was the realisation of how GOOD this product really is, especially for the environment.  How many wet wipes do you usually go through to remove your make-up? Two, maybe three? How many of us use powerful make-up removers full of chemicals? This mitt not only gives you a re-usable method of make-up removal (kerching!), but uses water, the purest thing you can put on your face, as a make-up remover. It therefore makes us better human beings as we can remove our make-up in an environmentally friendly way, and with the added bonus of not damaging our skin! That said, I would still advise using a skin cleanser once make-up is removed.

Left side with make-up, right side with make-up removed.

This product has definitely made me more conscious of the environment and what I can do. The magic of this product is not that it removes your make-up easier or quicker than normal, but that it does so without having to spend money on anything else or damage the environment around you. 

What do you think of the facial mitt? Will you be trying it? Has it made you think about what you can do to be more eco friendly?

Amina xx

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