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Last week I attended an event at Organique in Birmingham's North Western Arcade. As I walked through the Great Western and North Western Arcades I was reminded of some great independent shops that are hidden within it and made a promise to visit more often.

Organique was founded in Poland and this is the only store in the whole of the UK (lucky us). As I walked through the door I was greeted by fantastic smells and warm smiles. In the centre of the store was a table full of multicoloured bath salts and bath bombs enticing you in.

Bath Salts

Handmade Soap

A few of the products really caught my eye, including the vast range of shea butter body balms. There is a variety of scents that smell good enough to eat! My personal favourites were Strawberry & Guava (£7.95) and Orange & Chilli (£7.95). As I tested out some of the products on my hand I was drawn to the 'Eternal Gold' range, mainly because it contains real gold and fine particles of glitter that left a beautiful shimmer on my skin. In particular, the Gold Corundum Peeling Cream (£18.50) that can be used as a facial scrub, left my hand sparkling. Yes it is pricey, but it does contains gold and is designed to be used as a real treat, rather than every day.

'Eternal Gold' range.
Another product that caught my attention and I actually purchased was the Aleppo Soap (£9.95), which contains laurel and olive oil. I was told that this was particularly good for dry skin which is prone to Eczema. I thought I would give it a go as my daughter suffers from Eczema and this may help her, so fingers crossed! Another interesting fact is that this soap is made in Syria and, due to the escalating conflict, production has stopped, so purchase it while you can.

Aleppo Soap from Syria
Attending this event really educated me on organic products in general. Some of the items we buy off the high street can contain so many additional and unnecessary ingredients that can cause reactions to our skin. It has definitely made me think twice about what I apply to mine and my children's skin. If there are products out there that are 100% natural and affordable, then why not use these instead?

Justyna giving a demonstration. This lady knows her stuff!
Altogether it was a fantastic evening and I left feeling educated on organic products. Would I recommend Organique? Yes! If you want a personalised experience and to feel like someone who really knows their stuff, actually cares and can advise you, then Organique is the place to go. Oh, and if you need a very last minute buy before Christmas, their gift sets are gorgeous, luxurious, yet really affordable!

Have you gone organic? Have you noticed the change in your skin? Do you have children with Eczema? I would love any tips! Leave a comment below!

Amina xx

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