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Hi Guys,

As it's National Bed Month I thought I would share some tips and products I use to get a good night's sleep. Sleep is so important to me. I'm one of those people who needs at least eight hours (if not more), otherwise I'm just grumpy all day. That said, it's crazy how you adapt when you have kids. You have no choice but to function on three hour's sleep sometimes, but hopefully following these few tips will still at least make you feel like you've had more!

The first thing I will advise is turning off your TV, phone, or any type of electronic device at least an hour before you plan to sleep. Allow yourself time to wind down. Having a sleep routine is so important and just doing this one simple thing will make such a difference.

Next, I have a bath. I didn't start having evening baths until I had kids. I found with my children that if I bathe them at night they sleep so much better, so I took it upon myself to try it too. I have mentioned before how I love my baths, but I can't emphasise enough how the essential oils and ingredients in bath bombs, oils or salts actually get absorbed by the skin and can relax you. Recently I've been loving the Guardians of the Forest bath bomb by, you guessed it, Lush. It is so calming and contains rosewood oil, so just smells awesome. It feels like you are literally transported to a mystical forest - it's brilliant.

Once out of my bath I then spritz L'Occitane Relaxing Pillow Mist over and around my pillow. This contains 100% natural essential oils like lavender, bergamot, mandarin and geranium. I'm sure I have spoken about this mist on my blog before but it literally relaxes you straight away and I've found it gives me such a deep sleep. It's perfect for those days when you have had a really long day, and are feeling a little bit over tired and irritable. It knocks you straight out.The recommendation is to spray this 15 minutes before going to bed so it is given time to create an atmosphere.

While I wait for the mist to set in, I have recently been applying my Dr Botanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Masque. This product was sent to me for review and at first I was a little bit wary of the lack of smell with the product. Actually, if there is one negative about the product I would say this is it. However the results it produces are pretty spectacular. You wake up with skin as soft as a baby's bum.  The skin is said to regenerate faster while we sleep, and that is what the jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and papaya, that the masque contains, allow your skin to do. 

The consistency is quite thick and when you apply it onto the skin it doesn't rub in as easily as you would imagine. However, as you give it time, it sinks into the skin and leaves your skin feeling tight, similar to any other masque. It needs about 10 minutes before I am comfortable to lie on my pillow without leaving any residue. Once you wake up in the morning you cleanse as usual. At £67 you may think it's a little pricey, but lucky for you, I have a code which can get you the product for just £19.99! Click the link above and apply the code 'ALIBLOG' at checkout. It's only available until the end of the month though, so be quick. It would make a perfect Mother's Day gift!

For the next 10 minutes I reflect and meditate. I sometimes open up my diary and write down any of my concerns or thoughts good or bad. This then allows my mind to be clear and gives me time to meditate. I try to clear my mind of everything and basically think of nothing. It can be quite hard to 'think of nothing' and some days are easier than others, but by the time this is done, I find the pillow mist has worked its magic and the face masque is dry. I'm now ready to sleep.

And that is it my loves. If you have any tips please feel free to share below and here's to a great night's sleep!

Amina xx

*contains PR gifts. All opinions are my own.

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