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Hey Guys,

So I know for those of you who follow me on instagram (@aminaali_mua), this post has been a long time coming, and I've finally managed to sit down and write it. A couple of months ago I purchased a few items from eBay and then went ahead and purchased some more, so this is a little round up of some great finds, all of which are under £6, if can you believe it?!

1. Phone Selfie Ringlight - (£5.88)

The first thing I need to talk about is this fantastic ring light. No it is not going to give you the effect an actual ring light does, but they cost around £200, are 10x the size and I don't have that kind of money! What it does do is enhance the pictures I have been taking. It is a great little gadget that adds radiance to any photo. It has three light settings and I paid a little extra for this particular one because it is rechargeable. I would 100% recommend this!

2. 4 Piece Eyeshadow Blending Set - (£2.99)

I first heard about this set on Safiyah Tasneem's blog in her eBay brushes under £5 post (click here), She hadn't reviewed them herself, but had linked to them. What stood out to me about these were that they were natural hair and when 'MAC dupes' gets mentioned I had to try them for myself. Overall, they are decent brushes. They pick up product well and blend eyeshadows nicely. The range of shape and size make them great for creating different eyeshadow looks. However, the brushes were a lot less dense than I anticipated. To the point where there was literally a gap in the ferrule. Because of this, I think the fall out of the bristles will be quite high and don't think they will last very long after regular washing. However, for now, they do the job.

I originally had a brush egg but this just wasn't cutting it, especially after I have had a few clients in a day. I needed something a bit bigger to clean my brushes on. This mat does the job and is just the right size. It has different patterns within it for cleansing different brush sizes and also a rinsing section. It also has suction pads on the bottom so it doesn't slip around on the bottom of the sink. Would I recommend? YES.

4. Highlighter Brush - (99p)

I had been looking for a brush of a similar size for a long time but I didn't want to have to pay the price tag. When I saw this one on eBay for 99p I thought there was no harm in giving it a go. It has synthetic bristles and actually seems to pick the product up reasonably well considering. The size of it is just right for highlighting that cheekbone and I have been enjoying using it on myself. It could also be used to blend out a contour. I'm not totally convinced on this one though and am still on the hunt for a better one. Can't complain for the price though!

5. 3 pairs false lashes - (£1.65)

First of all, these are very different to the eyelashes that were advertised on the eBay website. However I had seen Iqra from The Blushing Giraffe wear them and thought they looked amazing on her, so bought them anyway. The biggest difference I noticed was the length. These are a little shorter than the ones that are advertised however still a decent false eyelash. What I will say is the band is quite thick and the lashes don't curl as much as I would like them too. They definitely need curling before applying and because of the thick band I had to fidget with them a little before I got them to sit right. It's worth giving them a go because of the price, however I don't think I will be purchasing again, as I don't think they suit my eye shape and I don't have the patience to fuss over my lash application!

Yes guys that is 12 brushes for under £3! Not bad I hear you say? If I am completely honest, I totally bought these by mistake thinking they were the set below. Silly me. They have a great range of styles to create fabulous make-up looks. It is harder to pick up product and to blend, however it is do-able. I love that they are pink and rose gold and this really drew me towards them. They would make a great little starter set, or in my case, blog prop, however if you are willing to spend a pound and few pennies more, I would scroll down to the piece de resistance!

These are the ones guys. Again thank you to Safiyah for recommending them as they are such a bargain and fabulous at that! They pick up product beautifully and are great to blend with. I particularly like the small blending brush (6th from the right) for creating cut crease looks. It also contains a rounded blending brush (2nd from right) and flat blending brush (2nd from left). This is a great set and can't recommend it enough. I have had a little fall out, but nothing to worry about, and I would say the precision cut of the brushes isn't the best, but I resolved this issue by cutting them into shape myself! Buy, buy, buy.

So that's my post guys! I hope you like some of the picks and let me know if you have any bargain eBay buys as I am always on a look out!

Amina xx

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